LTAT Conference – Save the Date

Livestock Transporters Association Tasmania (LTAT) 2018 CONFERENCE


Saturday 26 May 2018

12.00 – 5.00pm – Conference

5.00pm – AGM

6.45 pm – Conference Dinner

More information to come including registration…

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ALRTA News – 13 April 2018


ALRTA has made a formal submission in response to the NHVR’s proposed EWD Compliance Policy.

In addition to a range of specific questions and comments on the proposed compliance and enforcement approach, the submission articulates the ALRTA’s general position that:

  1. We support voluntary EWDs but remain strongly opposed mandatory EWDs.
  2. There is now an urgent need to review all heavy vehicle regulations that were designed for a paper-based regulatory system.
  3. There should be common open source platform, rules and standards for all proposed regulatory telematics systems.

Why Does ALRTA Support Voluntary EWDs?
Many ALRTA member operators are already using telematics systems in their businesses.

Under current arrangements these businesses must also keep written work diaries (WWD).

If the NHVR recognises EWDs, business that choose to use an EWD will no longer need to keep two sets of records and manually check WWD pages.

For example, one small fleet operator has reported that his wife spends many hours every week manually checking WWD pages for all drivers.  This task could be automated via EWDs.

EWDs simultaneously calculate all counting periods and will prompt drivers to take action before work or rest breaches occur.  This can improve driver compliance and reduce administrative errors.

Under a voluntary system, only operators that choose to use an EWD will be affected.

Will it Lead to Mandatory EWDs?
There can be no certainty about whether or not governments will in future mandate regulatory telematics, and if so, what form it might take.

On balance, ALRTA considers that it would be better to allow member operators to trial voluntary EWD systems in real world circumstances than to have mandatory EWDs suddenly thrust upon us.

How does the Australian Model Compare with the USA?
Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) have been mandated in the USA.   This has led to mass protests across multiple states with particularly strong opposition from rural carriers.

This is of course of great concern the ALRTA.

However, the current Australian proposal is very different from the USA.  The table below summarises the important differences in the two systems.

USA Australia
  • Mandatory
  • Voluntary
Data Logging
  • Synchronised to engine and automatically records.
  • Not connected to vehicle.
  • Drivers must agree to begin or stop recording data.
  • GPS based and automatically converted to identifiable location (e.g. nearby village).
  • Can be GPS or manually entered by the driver.

Fundamentally, the record keeping requirements under the Australian proposal are no different to the requirements for WWD.

Other important elements of the Australian proposal are:

  • An EWD can be an app on a smart phone / tablet or a full blown integrated commercial telematics system.
  • Drivers can switch between EWD and WWD at any time.
  • Vehicles can be moved without logging into an EWD.
  • Data is sent to the record keeper and is not automatically sent to authorities.
  • Enforcement officers can access the last 28 days of records on the roadside.
  • An EWD will automatically summarise potential breaches.
  • EWDs record in 1 min intervals but breaches of less than 15min will not be displayed.
  • Work breaches of less than 8 min cannot be prosecuted.
  • EWD records can be corrected by the driver.
  • There is a provision to record comments if needed (e.g. if a parking bay is full).
  • An EWD will alert the driver before a work or rest breach occurs.
  • All current work and rest hours regimes and exemption notices will continue to apply.
  • If a device malfunctions or stops working, supplementary records can be kept.

Further information is available on the NHVR website here.

ALRTA advises members to carefully consider whether or not an EWD is appropriate for your business.



The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) wants to get a snapshot of the way industry currently manage their safety responsibilities.

This baseline measurement will assist in informing decisions around the development of future education and guidance materials.

We encourage ALRTA members to contribute to this important initiative by sharing your experience about working in the heavy vehicle industry.

The survey is open until Wednesday, 9 May 2018 and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

To participate click here.



The Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has recently undergone an internal restructure which has established closer linkages with commodity groups and infrastructure.

This week, the ALRTA Executive Director met with the Crops and Infrastructure Branch to establish a relationship and canvas the scope of our shared interests.

While the Department is certainly mindful of the strong link between infrastructure and productivity in the agricultural supply chain, the meeting was a good opportunity to highlight the fact that it is not economically feasible to upgrade all parts of the road network – so governments must also focus on regulatory solutions for improving access for higher productivity vehicles to the farm gate.



The industry-government Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue Research Project Steering Committee met this week.  ALRTA was represented at the meeting by Tom Allen (LRTAV).

The project is a collaborative effort between NTC, NHVR, Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity, universities and industry.  The aim of the research is to assess the current fatigue framework and better inform future fatigue policy.

ALRTA member operators have been invited to participate in the research phase.

The meeting considered project timelines, budget, progress and communications strategy.



nti is excited to be named a finalist across three categories in the inaugural Insurance Business Awards.

The awards acknowledge excellence in the insurance profession by recognising the country’s leading brokers, brokerage businesses, insurers and underwriting agencies for their contribution to the industry over the previous 12 months.

Following a preliminary nomination and successful submission, nti were named finalists in three chosen categories:
– Australian Underwriting Agency of the Year
– Underwriting Agency Claims Team of the Year
– Best Community Engagement Program – Insurer

nti’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tony Clark says 2017 was a big year for the organisation and the submission process offered the perfect opportunity for reflection.

“We expanded our business and extended ourselves in so many ways in 2017 – through our marine acquisition, and our entire rebrand just to mention a few. To be named a finalist is a nod to our people for what we’ve achieved in the last 12 months,” he said.

Winners will be announced at a gala event Friday 4 May 2018, in Sydney. A full list of Insurance Business Awards finalists can be found here.



Members are advised that the ALRTA will be holding a Council meeting on Saturday, 26 May 2018.  Details are:

Start: 8:00am
Close: 12:00pm
Location: Hobart, Tasmania

For more information please contact the ALRTA Secretariat.



You are invited to attend the Livestock Transporters Association of Tasmania (LTAT) conference in Hobart on Saturday, 26 May 2018.

This is the first time in many years that LTAT has held a conference, so it is a perfect opportunity to meet your fellow Tasmanian operators and check out the island state.

The conference will commence at 1:00pm and conclude with a dinner event.

Stay tuned for more information including a program and registration forms.

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ALRTA News – 6 April 2018


The Australian Trucking Association has announced the finalists for the 2018 National Trucking Awards which will be presented at Trucking Australia 2018 in Canberra 18-20 April.

The ALRTA congratulates all finalists and would like to highlight three of our own members:

Outstanding Contribution to the Trucking Industry

David Smith, D & S Smith Haulage
David is Managing Director of D&S Smith Haulage and has worked in the transport industry for more than 40 years as a driver, business owner, and industry leader through his involvement in various associations and committees. David is President of the Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of South Australia, a member of the Australian Trucking Association board, and former President of the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association. David is passionate about encouraging young people in the transport industry and strives to ensure the sustainability of the industry long term.

Ross Fraser OAM, Frasers Livestock Transport
Ross is Managing Director of Frasers Livestock Transport, a member of TruckSafe since 1999 and winner of a 2014 Safe Work Australia Award. Involved in the transport industry for more than 50 years, Ross has played a significant role in the industry as a founding member of the ALRTA and LTAQ, former chair of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), and director and member of the ATA Council. He has gained wide respect serving on many organisation and advisory committees at community as well as local, state and Australian Government levels. In 2009, Ross was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to the livestock transport industry and the community of Warwick.

National Training Excellence Award

Hopkins Transport Australia
Hopkins Transport Australia employs 20 drivers transporting delicate livestock. The company introduced the driver training program ‘Enhanced Driving Skills’ in October 2016 and has had a 100 percent participation rate from all staff members, including company owners. The program covers recruitment, up skilling/licence upgrades, ongoing review and annual workshop days, which take employees through work diary compliance, fatigue management and safe driving techniques. Focused on developing the safest drivers in the industry, Hopkins Transport Australia uses the program to develop the skills of new drivers, and retrain others to ensure consistent high standards.



JBS Australia has issued new guidelines outlining their ‘Livestock Transport Requirements’.

The requirements are based on National Animal Welfare Standards for Livestock Processing Establishments Preparing Meat for Human Consumption which are a condition of licence for all export and domestic slaughter premises.

Download a copy here.



AustRoads has recently conducted a webinar which outlines a report on Local Road Access for High Productivity Freight Vehicles.

The report concludes that, more often than not, the barriers to access approval have no basis in infrastructure capacity.  Greater understanding of the real reasons is essential to improving access outcomes.

You can catch up on the webinar at any time here.



The Federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has launched a new community-focussed biosecurity webpage and series of short animated videos which aim to engage the public on what biosecurity is, why it matters and what their role is in the system.

The videos follow the story of a well-intentioned but hapless character, Jeff, in scenarios that compromise biosecurity.

You can check out the webpage and videos here.




The 2018 LRTAQ Annual Conference will be held 1-3 June in Charters Towers.

A Preliminary Conference Program and Registration Booklet will be posted here soon.

The 2018 LRTASA Annual Conference will be held 15-16 June at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

The Preliminary Conference Program and Registration Booklet is now available here.


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ALRTA News – 29 March 2018


The ALRTA National Council has resolved to support the roll out of voluntary electronic work diaries (EWD).  The decision was made at a face-to-face meeting on Saturday, 24 March 2018.

While ALRTA remains opposed to any mandatory application of EWDs, we consider that the problems are rooted in the underlying laws around fatigue, access and general application of compliance and enforcement activities.  These laws were designed for a regulatory system that did not rely on vehicle-based technology and there is now an urgent need to undertake a thorough review in the modern context.

ALRTA also considers that all parts of government must work together to develop a single IT platform and rules for open source regulatory telematics devices that encompasses EWDs, IAP and any future road user charging system.  Now is the time to consider these issues if we are to avoid multiple devices being required in each vehicle.

ALRTA encourages operators to carefully consider whether or not an EWD is right for your business.

For more information click here



The ALRTA has made a submission to the Queensland Parliament Transport and Public Works Committee which is considering the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018.

Our submission highlights the positive changes to chain of responsibility laws in this Bill and a previous 2016 Bill and recommends that the reform package be implemented in full and without delay.

A full copy of the ALRTA submission can be found here.



Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, hosted a roundtable of industry leaders in Sydney last week to discuss heavy vehicle charging trials.  ALRTA was represented by Executive Director, Mathew Munro, who stressed the need for the trials to take account of the very different operating environment in rural and regional Australia.

The Federal Government is planning to undertake a national pilot which will look at substituting registration charges and the road user charge for a more direct mass-distance-location charge.  In addition, state government will be undertaking local trials focussed on revenue collection for road upgrades that improve access or deliver other productivity benefits.

The Roundtable was followed up by a special session at the 2018 LBRCA/ALRTA Combined Conference that discussed all aspects of the proposals, including other aspects of the reform such as calculation of the cost base and decision making.



The 2018 LBRCA/ALRTA Combined Conference held in Coffs Harbour last weekend was a resounding success with ‘full house’ attendance levels across all associated events.

The policy sessions touched on issues as diverse as chain of responsibility, EWDs, charging, access, road infrastructure, training, vehicle dimensions, loading schemes and IAP.

We also kicked off the development of an industry code of practice for effluent management during a special workshop session that involved our entire audience and undertook a survey on attitudes towards user-pay infrastructure.

There was no shortage of well deserved awards and accolades over the event.  ALRTA congratulates the following outstanding contributors:

  • ALRTA Life Member: Gordon Martin
  • ALRTA Life Member: Robert Cavanagh
  • ALRTA McIver Award: Owen Driscoll
  • LBRCA Young Driver of the Year: Mark Carmichael

It was also great to hear from last year’s winner of the ALRTA-NHVR Safety Innovation Award (supported by BP), Dean Clarke, of Hopkins Transport about his cutting-edge driver training program. BP stepped up again this year by supporting 12 ambassadors from around Australia to attend the event.

ALRTA thanks all conference participants and speakers, especially our keynote speakers:

  • NSW Minister for Transport – the Hon. Melinda Pavey MP
  • Federal Member for Cowper – the Hon. Luke Hartsuyker MP
  • Federal Senator for NSW – Senator John Williams
  • Mayor of Coffs Harbour – Cr Denise Knight

A special thanks also to our National Sponsors for supporting the great work of our associations and our conference events with ongoing support and special auction donations – we couldn’t do what we do without you:

  • PACCAR & Dealer
  • PACCAR Parts
  • NTI
  • Byrne Trailers
  • BP
  • Lowes Petroleum
  • Cummins
  • Beaurepaires

The entire conference was recorded and we hope to soon provide links to content for those who weren’t able to be there or would like to review session content.

Which reminds me, the recording will also include the performance of Hypnotist Isaac Lomman.  This was an amazing standout event during the Saturday night National Sponsors Dinner which convinced many in the audience that ‘this stuff is real’.   You really do have to see it to believe it!

Last but not least, we thank the committee members  of the LBRCA and ALRTA (Bec, Carley, Tracey, Colleen, Kiki and Mat + the rest of the LBRCA Committee) as well as the staff of Opal Cove Resort.  These events require months of background work followed by 110% commitment 24/7 during the week of the event – great job all!

Next year’s National Conference will be hosted by LRTASA.  Look out for details closer to the event.


The ALRTA congratulates the following office bearers re-elected at the LBRCA AGM on 24 March 2018:

  • President: Lynley Miners
  • Vice President Livestock: Graeme Hoare
  • Vice President Bulk: Kel Baxter
  • Treasurer: Anthony Hopton
  • Secretary: Tracy Boshetti

Immediate Past President: Jock Carter



With Easter and the school holidays fast approaching, nti – Australia’s leading specialist insurer, is reminding drivers to exercise caution as road use increases over the coming weeks.

With a number of changes to road restrictions across Australia, it’s a great opportunity for professional drivers to lead by example, said nti’s Chief Executive Officer, Tony Clark.

“The 2018 Easter break will present a unique environment for road users. There’s various factors coming into play, outside of it just being school holidays.”

“We’ve seen the recent introduction of enforceable revised speed limits and lane restrictions across numerous main highways, designed for traffic management and increased safety,” says Mr Clark.

“Around Easter we typically see an increase in road users who aren’t familiar with these roads or the changes for that matter, so it’s important for experienced drivers to exercise patience and remember they’re on display”.

nti encourages drivers and dispatchers alike to consider the potential impact of holidays road conditions.

“Everyone in the supply chain needs to be mindful of the potential delays over the holidays – responsibility does not reside solely with the driver,” says Mr Clark.
nti recommends considering the below measures to help keep safety top of mind this Easter:

  • Stay up to date: there are currently multiple speed and lane restrictions taking place on main highways. Visit your state’s Department of Main Roads website to stay on top of these changes, as fines do apply.
  • Reconsider journey plans: take account reduced speed areas, increase in traffic, varied traffic conditions. Consider alternative routes and revise expectations during the period.

Take time to communicate: circulate these updates amongst your team, work mates and industry colleagues. Try reiterating the holiday safety message as part of your workplace Toolbox discussion.



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ALRTA News – 9 March 2018


The LBRCA and ALRTA are delighted to invite you to Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbour on 23-24 March for our 2018 combined conference, which means that your voice will be heard louder than ever!

Register Today:

  1. Complete the registration form and return the LBRCA!
  2. Book your accommodation directly with Opal Cove Resort, quote LBRCA upon booking!

Further information is available from the LBRCA and ALRTA websites.


The ALRTA and LBRCA are pleased to announce that the following items will be up for auction at the joint National Conference in Coffs Harbour 23-24 March 2018:

Brown and Hurley – Coffs Harbour


  • 8 x Drive tyres. Goodyear G667 (11R22.5)
  • 2 x Steer tyres. Goodyear S100+/S200+ (295/80R22.5)
  • 4 x GY 4×4 Wrangler tyres
  • Apple iPad 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular

All tyres include fitting compliments of Beaurepaires.


  • 1 x Cummins X15 Bar Fridge


  • 1 x PACCAR Genuine Starter Motor
    2 x Garmin Dash Cams
    2 x 42 ltr Kenworth Coolers

PACCAR & Dealer

  • Several merchandise packs including bags, books, clothing, gift sets and other branded items.


  • Workplace Tune Up vouchers

These items have kindly been donated by our partners and proceeds from the sale will go to ALRTA and LBRCA to continue making a positive difference in our industry.  A huge thanks from ALRTA and LBRCA to all donors!

Happy Bidding!


The 2018 LBRCA/ALRTA Combined Conference to be held 23-24 March in Coffs Harbour, NSW, will tackle three of the biggest issues affecting rural carriers: heavy vehicle charging, chain of responsibility and effluent management.

ALRTA National President, Kevin Keenan, said that the 2018 LBRCA/ALRTA Combined Conference is the best opportunity for members to better understand current legislative reforms and to have their say on the policies that will shape the future of their industry.

“I invite all interested parties to attend the 2018 Combined Conference”, said President Keenan.

“Our conferences are not just ‘talk-fests’ – we aim to get results.”

“At the 2017 LRTAQ/ALRTA Combined Conference we took an in depth look at mandatory electronic stability control.  This assisted our National Council to resolve a position that is now reflected in the regulatory reforms recently proposed by the Australian Government”.

“This year, we will invite our members to develop a registered industry code of practice for livestock effluent management and to have their say on charging, chain of responsibility and several other important matters”.

Heavy Vehicle Charging
“Australian Governments last year agreed to continue overcharging the heavy vehicle sector by $189m in 2018/19 and 2019/20.  This comes in addition to $1bn in over-charging over the past four years.  Reform of the charging system is desperately needed to stop this blatant rip-off.”

“The 2018 LBRCA/ALRTA Combined Conference will include a presentation from the Australian Government on the plan to move to direct user charging including the new charging calculations, industry trials and responsibility for decision making.

“But charging is only half the story.  That is why we have also invited the Australian Local Government Association to tell us what is needed to actually fix rural roads and provide better access. The ATA will also be there to explain how to get the changes that we need.”

Chain of Responsibility
“Significant changes to chain of responsibility laws are scheduled for commencement this year.  During the session on CoR, NHVR will explain the key changes and how to be ready”.

“A good way to get started is to use a registered industry code of practice to help assess your risks and identify the types of controls that you might consider.  Peter Elliot is spearheading the development of a Master Code of Practice and will inform us about what it is and how to use it”.

Load Restraint and Effluent Control
“With a good understanding of the CoR changes and the Master Code of Practice, our delegates will be ready to tackle the development of a new industry Code of Practice for Effluent Management.”

“This landmark session will first hear about the ALRTA’s overall strategy to improve livestock effluent management throughout the supply chain.  The Australian Livestock Markets Association will then deliver a perspective from elsewhere in the supply chain.”

“Delegates will participate in a workshop-style session during which the ALRTA will ask members and other stakeholders to tell us what an effluent code should cover, who it should be applicable to, what risks are involved and what options there are to address them.”

“Registration of an effluent code will be a game-changer and these first steps are critical. Courts will use this document to determine best practice and whether or not chain parties have actually done everything reasonably practicable to manage load restraint risks,” he said.

Other Highlights
Conference attendees will also hear addresses from:

  • NSW Minister for Transport – the Hon. Melinda Pavey MP
  • Federal Member for Cowper – the Hon. Luke Hartsuyker MP
  • NSW Member for Coffs Harbour – Andrew Fraser MP
  • Federal Senator for NSW – Senator John Williams
  • Mayor of Coffs Harbour – Cr Denise Knight

“The 2018 LBRCA/ALRTA Combined Conference has something for everyone”, said President Keenan.

“Other sessions relate to general vision, policy, compliance and enforcement within NSW along with specific break-out session for livestock and bulk”.

“Scattered around the serious business, delegates can also relax with a round of golf, grab a bargain at the fund-raising auction and kick their heals up at the Blue Ribbon Surf and Turf Dinner and National Sponsors Dinner featuring our National Awards”.

“On behalf of the ALRTA and LBRCA, I invite all transport operators, government officials, media and those interested in the rural road transport supply chain to attend this year’s 2018 LBRCA/ALRTA Combined Conference and help us to improve our industry”, said President Keenan.

The full two-day program of events and registration brochures can be found here.



Last week the ALRTA President and/or Executive Director met with thirteen members of the Federal National Party over two days.

  • Deputy Prime Minister / Minister for Infrastructure & Transport – Michael McCormack
  • Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources – David Littleproud
  • Minister for Resources and Northern Australia – Matt Canavan
  • Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister – Keith Pitt
  • Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism & Investment – Mark Coulton
  • Minister for Defence Personnel & Veterans Affairs – Darren Chester
  • Minister for Indigenous Affairs – Nigel Scullion
  • The Hon. Luke Hartsukyer MP
  • The Hon. Damian Drum MP
  • Andrew Gee MP
  • Senator John Williams
  • Senator Barry O’Sullivan
  • Ken O’Dowd MP

During the past six months there has been significant changes across the Nationals Leadership team and Ministerial portfolio – much of it very recent.  These meetings will ensure that ALRTA stays on the political radar throughout the changes.

Our main topics and outcomes of discussion were:

  • Chain of responsibility reform: ALRTA provided a more balanced view about the reforms to address misunderstandings about the reforms that have been raised with the Nationals by farming and supply chain lobby groups.
  • EWDs: far greater understanding of the negative impact that EWDS would have on rural carriers.
  • Mandatory ESC: We asked that the Federal Government support broader application of ESC than proposed in the regulatory impact statement. Draft legislation will be introduced this year.
  • Mandatory minimum rates:  The Government is strongly against any attempt to reintroduce mandatory minimum rates but it is almost a certainty under a Labor Government.
  • Effluent infrastructure: There is strong support for our grant applications to the Federal Government.

ALRTA will press home these issues in follow up meetings and correspondence.



The ALRTA National President and Executive Director met with board members of the Australian Livestock Markets Association (ALMA) including:

  • President: Ken Timms
  • Deputy President: Ken Rogers
  • Treasurer: Michelle Webster
  • Executive Officer: Kate McGilvray

Photo (L-R): Ken Rogers, Michelle Webster, Kevin Keenan & Ken Timms.

Our associations share a deep interest in cooperating on several projects relating to ramp standards, improving NVDs, effluent infrastructure and reviewing the fit-to-load guide.

However, ALMA expressed strong concern about the impact of chain of responsibility reforms under the HVNL and actively seeking an exemption from the definition of ‘loading manager’.

ALRTA has welcomed the CoR reforms and we believe that all parties must share responsibility for managing fatigue, speed, MDLR and vehicle maintenance – including those operating selling facilities.

In discussing this issue recently with farming groups, supply chain stakeholders and politicians, it is clear that there are persistent misconceptions about the current CoR laws and the changes that will occur.    We have found that the following information is useful for improving understanding:

  • CoR is not new – it has been in place since 1997.
  • Under current laws, if a driver commits an offence all parties in the chain can be automatically deemed guilty of committing the same offence without so much as an investigation.
  • The reform package will modernise CoR laws by aligning duties with workplace health and safety laws, removing automatic deeming and extending coverage to vehicle maintenance.
  • The reformed CoR laws will be more familiar to chain parties, requiring them to assess potential safety risks and put controls in place where it is reasonably practicable to do so.
  • It is, and will remain, illegal to make a demand or engage in a practice that would cause a transport operator to breach the HVNL.

ALRTA is pleased that our associations have agreed to work together to progress issues of common interest.  ALMA Deputy President Ken Rogers will make a presentation on chain of responsibility at the 2018 LBRCA/ALRTA Combined Conference on 23 March 2018.



The NHVR has released a Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Gap Assessment Tool (the Tool) which is designed to draw users’ attention to particular obligations under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

The Tool asks users a series of questions which leads the user through a process that draws attention to relevant obligations under the HVNL.

The Tool is located on the NHVR website and is free to access and use –



The ATO has released its latest small business benchmarks, providing the average cost of sales and average total expenses.

The benchmarks provide a way for businesses to see how they compare to others in industry. The data is informed by the income tax returns and activity statements of over 1.4 million small businesses, which results in locality and different business circumstances being included in the average range for each industry.

The ATO website includes step by step instructions and a check list of the information you need to work out how your business stacks up.

Check out how your business compares
More information on road freight business benchmarks



Members are reminded that the ALRTA will be holding a Council meeting on Saturday, 24 March 2018.  Details are:

Start: 8:00am
Close: 1:00pm
Location: Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbor

For more information please contact the ALRTA Secretariat.

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