PPartsPaccar Parts our doing their part for blokes parts. Are you taking care of your parts?

John’s cancer story.

Truckie ‘John’ was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the same time his close friend, Roger, was battling the disease.

Now 59, I’ve survived 10 years since my operation for prostate cancer. At the time I was diagnosed, my very good friend, Roger, was also fighting prostate cancer. Rog lived in fear of going to the doctor. Eventually he went to see the doctor about another problem and gave his list of symptoms, so the doctor included the PSA among the blood tests. His levels came back high and after further tests, they soon found he had prostate cancer that had spread.

Many times in those last few months Roger talked of how much he regretted not seeing a doctor.

“The test was such a simple thing to undertake and now I won’t live long enough to see my grandchildren grow beyond their baby years,” he said.

From diagnosis to death, Roger only survived for 15 months. If he hadn’t ignored those symptoms then, like me, he might well have lived for another 10 years and counting.
That’s why this campaign from PACCAR Parts is so important.

Truckies just have to face this disease – prostate cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

Too often we hear the story of Roger. The truckie who found out too late, or the one who ignored his symptoms. The fact is ignorance of Prostate cancer kills hundreds of men in our industry. But that is about to change.

‘Parts for Parts’ is our call to arms to raise awareness, raise funds, and support the men in our community. It starts with getting truckies to face the fact this disease exists.
If you’re over 50 – or over 40 with a family history – talk to your GP.

Paccar Parts are also working hard to raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia – a group that receives limited government funding.

During the months of September and October Paccar Parts will be donating a portion of proceeds from parts carrying the special ‘Parts for Parts’ symbol, directly to the PCFA.
They’ve also set up donation boxes across dealerships. Please give what you can.
Every dollar raised goes directly to the PCFA helping them fund world leading research, as well providing support groups and specialist nurses for affected men and their families.