ALRTA Submission to Infrastructure Australia

A fresh approach to rural infrastructure investment – more profits, safer roads and a greener industry.

Over the past 3 years the ALTA has completed significant research and produced several case studies on behalf of its members; it has all been done to show Government that the key to effective investment in rural freight infrastructure is involving industry in spotting opportunities for reform and then putting ‘bottom line’ returns to these project on the table for all to see. This is done so that each project – big or small – can compete for funding and support on its merits.  It’s important to realise that this doesn’t happen now!

In Australia today, road investment decisions are largely the preserve of bureaucrats who have no idea of the profit potential of rural road reforms.  Worse still, these bureaucrats don’t talk to their friends the road traffic regulators, so road freight regulations are never reformed to match sensible road investments!  At a time when Australia is trying to squeeze the most productivity out of its rural freight networks, this is a crazy way to do business!

The ALTA’s formal submission to Infrastructure Australia offers a smarter way forward, using case studies to prove the point that smart investments and regulatory reforms that clear out the red tape can deliver great results.  Our case studies link lot of small infrastructure reforms into bigger regional networks of reforms that will benefit whole regional communities.  And we provide the ‘bottom line’ figures in profits, safety and emissions to prove their worth!

The ALTA wants Government to take this approach to all rural and regional freight infrastructure and regulatory reforms, in the interests of making country Australia more profitable, safer and greener…

Click here to have a look at how Government investment and regulatory reform in the road freight industry can bring about more profits for rural industries, safer roads for everyone and lower carbon emissions for our environment at the same time…

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