Industry unites for ‘a regulator with teeth’

Building on the intensive work that’s been shared between the ATA, the Australian Logistics Council, our Association, NatRoad and others over the last couple of weeks, the industry is now mobilising to take our message direct to Ministers.

I think it’s fair to say that all those groups have been very appreciative of the constructive dialogue that’s been created with the Project Board, lead by the head of Main Roads WA Menno Henneveld, and the Project Office, led by Project Director Richard Hancock.

But there are some things that only Ministers can approve or guarantee for industry. And so, as the negotiations get serious, we’re going ‘up the Hill’ and then ‘out on the road’.

We want the new Regulator to have ‘the teeth’ to make a difference. And we want it to be required
to show us its results, year-after-year-after-year, so that we can directly track and measure performance in terms of improved productivity, efficiency and safety.

We’re a bit tired of governments announcing that ‘this next reform will really fix things up’.

We’re a bit tired of governments never really coming back to show whether the last big idea actually made a difference.

Our colleagues in the Australian Logistics Council released an important statement of their expectations about how the National Regulator should work last week. It outlines the ALC’s views on what it will take for the Regulator to make a real difference.

It’s got a lot of people talking – both in government and industry. Take a look at their policy statement and their press release here and here.

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