NTI enhances its safety effort

Our national sponsor, National Transport Insurance (NTI), has created a new advisory board to assist its National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTARC) deliver practical road safety improvements.

The new Board will be chaired by Melbourne University researcher Associate Professor Kim Hassall, who’s well known across Australia and internationally as an expert logistics consultant.

In the media, Kim’s commented that “Australia alone produces a plethora of excellent research on road safety but, in many cases, the outcomes don’t flow on to generating real change on the ground.” 

He’s also explained that the new Board hopes “… to pinpoint measures to make road transport safer, benefiting not only operators but everyone on the roads.”

NTI haven’t asked me to say this, so I hope they don’t mind me saying that NTI’s leadership in this area needs to be strongly supported and welcomed across the industry. NTI are actually putting money and effort into improving safety and promoting better risk management.

They have no guarantee that the people who’ll they end up helping will actually be their customers, so this really is a tremendous contribution that they’re making.

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