ALRTA wins a seat at the table on ‘Safe Rates’

Last week the Federal Government announced that they have brought together an ‘Advisory Group’ to meet with them as they think about what, if anything, the Government might do in response to the call for ‘Safe Rates’.

In their announcement, the Government has revealed that the ALRTA has won a seat at that ‘Advisory Group’.

Being included in that Group means that we now have a chance to put our questions, suggestions and concerns about what this slogan might actually mean in practice. We’re taking our thoughts direct to the Government,
and before the big decisions are taken.

Of course, we won’t be able to control what, if anything, the Government may decide to do.

But we will now have an opportunity to have a real impact on an issue that may possibly turn out to be pretty important to our members’ businesses.

We fought hard to get a seat at this table. We pushed to be included because rural and regional operators are very different to other operators.

We certainly didn’t want to allow the Government to be left talking only to people who possibly never see inland Australia from closer than 36,000 feet in the air.

I’m pleased that the Government has opened the door to us. Once again, our Association is ‘punching above our weight’.    

John Beer

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