National Council – on the road to Adelaide

National Council will be on the road to Adelaide at the end of the month, 25-26 November.

We’ll be meeting with a member of the national committee of Animal Welfare Regulators to discuss progress with the new laws and with Meat and Livestock Australia to discuss the new edition of the national ‘Fit to Load’ Guide and a special new guide for Low Body Condition (distressed, drought-affected) Cattle.

It’s a fair bet that some of our Councillors will be asking these guests what they plan to do about the lack of any document or system to record ‘time of feed/water’, when the new laws that are coming soon will need it.

Council will also take a decision on whether to change our constitution so that the President of truckCare is an automatic member of our National Executive, and an automatic member of our National Council.

We’re also going to explore a possible new alliance with our customers to develop national design standards for loading ramps; something that’s been missing for far too long.

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