National Regulator: what Board was that again?

David Simon from the ATA, Andrew Ethel from the Australian Logistics Council and I have all had some very kind and supportive feedback regarding the decision by Minister Albanese and the other State/Territory Ministers to appoint us to the Implementation Board for the National Regulator.

Some media reports have made it sound as if we are on the actual permanent Board of the Regulator itself and I’ve had a conversation with one person who was mislead by this.

The Implementation Board has the job of setting up the Regulator. The Implementation Board certainly won’t get to stick around to run the show. That’s the job of the permanent Board, which will start taking up the reins in the second half of 2012.

Basically, we’ve been given eight months (give or take) to remove as many bad bits and get as many tasty extras included as we can, before the Regulator comes out from the kitchen.

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