One last thing: “publish the PAYGO model”

Finally, it’s worth mentioning one simple thing that the NTC could do to improve the dialogue on charges issues: publish the PAYGO model!

That simple step would save all the various industry associations, literally, hundreds of hours of work in figuring out and cross-checking amongst ourselves what numbers and what formulas must be hiding inside the NTC’s spreadsheets.

The NTC’s recently explained that they don’t publish their spreadsheets because, they believe, ‘no other pricing regulator in Australia does so’. While we’re confident that the NTC is sincere in holding this belief, they are simply mistaken – look here, here or here and here for examples of what other pricing regulators release.

We’ve called for the NTC to change its mind and start publishing its model in the last part of the ALRTA’s formal submission on the current Annual Indexation process and the A-Trailer Review. It was approved by our National Executive this Monday morning. Find a copy here.

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