Get paid on-time, get paid for waiting time

Right from the start, the Bill spells it out. Clause 3 says that one of the six purposes of the Bill is:

Ensuring that road transport drivers are paid for their work, including loading and unloading their vehicles or waiting for someone else to load and unload their vehicles.

The Bill particularly permits the new Tribunal to make an Order dealing with time to pay and payments for waiting time (demurrage).

Importantly, the Tribunal can make an Order that deals with each of these issues on a stand-alone basis.

If the industry wanted to, every Association in the country could join together to apply for an Order that creates an industry-wide solution to unpaid waiting times.

It would also seem feasible to apply for Orders that basically copy the ‘must be paid on-time’ provisions of Western Australia’s current owner-driver legislation and turn them into a national scheme.

The Bill also allows Orders to be made that deal with all the other problems and priorities that were named in the ALRTA Submission.

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