Roll-overs: a constant threat

Last week, an experienced 54 year-old driver who works for one of our most well-known members rolled a B-Double on a bend of a road that he travels every week.

The truck rolled onto the driver’s side and old mate was taken to hospital by ambulance. Fortunately, his injuries aren’t too severe. He was wearing his seat belt, and that’s stopped him being thrown around or even coming out of the cab.

At several of our conferences during the past year, Alan Pincott, an expert roll-over investigator, has given a gripping presentation on how just a single ‘1% factor’ can make the difference between getting round a bend safely or going over.

A load that’s more top-heavy than usual, a pen that’s loose, a soft shoulder or a bad drop-off, being just off your line and having to correct on the bend, or – above all else – being just 1 click too fast for the conditions: each of those can make the difference.

No-one who’s been through a roll-over ever wants to repeat the experience.

No-one’s wife, mate or boss want to receive that phone call.

And that’s why every time we invite Alan to speak, every driver in the audience hangs on every word.

It’s well worth taking a minute from your day to watch these short videos from Alan and his colleagues: video one, video two, video three. If they can get an old bloke like me thinking, you may also find that they’re worth a look.

John Beer

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