Safe Rates legislation passed by Federal Parliament

And, to finish the week, some other important news. This week, the Australian Senate passed the Road Safety Remuneration Bill 2011. That’s the so-called ‘Safe Rates’ legislation.

As reported in previous News, the Bill is now loaded with safeguards that will make it hard for the new Tribunal to intrude on our members if our industry is opposed to someone’s proposal.

But the Bill is also loaded with opportunity. Opportunity for our members to get paid for waiting time, get invoices paid on-time, and get treated more fairly across the nation.

Over a year ago, our National Council made a judgement that this legislation was likely to get through Parliament. Council also recognised that it could have a big impact on the future of our members business.

Council took the decision to have an impact on what this legislation actually says. We’ve achieved what we set out to do. That’s been time and effort well spent.

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