Chain of Responsibility: no more cuts

This week the final legislation that sets up the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is expected to be introduced into the Queensland Parliament.

Here’s the tip: the Bill that will be tabled will contain no further cuts to the Chain of Responsibility.

That doesn’t mean that we’re quite out of the woods. There’s a Parliamentary Committee that will be asked to review the Bill, and we’ll be watching closely to see what they have to say in coming days.

Over the past few months, the ALRTA has been sponsoring an industry campaign to raise awareness about the threat to Chain of Responsibility.

The response has been overwhelming, both from our members and from supporters across the industry. We’ve been amazed by the how the message has spread. Our members and supporters have done an extraordinary job.

Thank you. We’ve been humbled by your support, and we’ve been thrilled by how many people are committed to resisting a return to the bad old days.

Another against-the-odds result for National Council

In this week’s News, below, you’ll see that Transport Ministers have agreed to give industry a seat on the Board of the ‘Heavy Vehicle Charging and Investment’ reform initiative and you can read Phil’s explanation of how important this is.

The ALRTA’s been calling for this since February 2012. We’ve taken the idea to the Prime Minister’s Office, into the Treasury types, and right around the States.

At the start of the year, we were told by some folks that ‘you have no chance of that’.  But of course, that was the same thing they told us about A-Trailers, all the way back in March 2010!

Once again, it’s been an outstanding piece of team work from our National Council. We’ve coordinated visits and phone calls to bureaucrats, advisors and politicians right around the country. Thank you Councillors, you can chalk up another win for our members.

John Beer

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