Weekly News: Improved Certainty Needed

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ALRTA has lodged a submission to the Australian Government’s review of the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS), making two key recommendations:

1)    Feedlots receiving animals for export should remain open for at least 18 hours on all stipulated receival days, including until midnight; and

2)    The Government must review the inspection, certification and clearance processes with the aim of improving certainty around the timing of export operations.

To minimise on-road safety risks and maximise animal welfare outcomes, accumulation facilities need to be open at reasonable times in the evening so that transporters can load in the morning, drive during the day and unload as soon as they reach their destination.

The primary issue for transporters loading the export vessel is the uncertainty around when loading will actually commence. ‘Sometime this week’ is often the answer and drivers and vehicles can sit idle for days waiting for the inspection, clearance and certification processes to be concluded.