Weekly News – National Ramp Working Group meets, Industry Op Group to meet Truss, braking compatibility

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Following on from the face-to-face National Ramps Workshop in Melbourne on 29 January 2015, the ALRTA Ramps Working Group met again via teleconference this week to finalise revisions to the draft National Ramps Guidelines arising from the workshop.

There was real value in holding the workshop because we are aiming to make sure that the views of key industry supply chain participants are reflected in the final product.  Now that the working party has agreed on a final draft the ALRTA will proceed with a full public consultation phase over the next few months.  Ideally, we will launch the guidelines at our National Conference, 4-5 June 2015.


Members of the NHVR Industry Operations Group will meet with Deputy Prime Minister Truss and the NHVR CEO in Canberra during February 2015.  This will be a golden opportunity for the ALRTA and other industry associations to advise decision makers about your views on the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and what is needed to fix it.

So, if you have been experiencing problems, please let me know directly over the next week.  Real life examples are crucial for demonstrating any impact on your business or the economy.


The ALRTA recently participated in an industry Brake Compatibility Working Group which is developing a guide to assist operators to better understand compatibility issues that may arise when mixing and matching trucks and trailers with different braking systems (e.g. ‘dumb’ brakes, load proportioning, ABS, EBS, ESC).

These issues are particularly relevant for transporters operating larger combinations in regional or remote environments where road conditions may exaggerate compatibility issues.

The working group is currently considering the stability and brake wear outcomes that different combinations are likely to produce and will be conducting a broad survey in coming weeks to collect information from operators that have experience with mixed fleets.

The group will ultimately produce a set of agreed voluntary guidelines later this year that will assist operators in optimising braking outcomes.


I have recently read some media reports confidently stating that livestock crates and/or tippers will be, or won’t be, covered in the next Road Safety Remuneration Order which is expected to set minimum rates.

The truth is that these reports are all just speculation at this stage. The ALRTA has been consulted directly by the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal.  Certainly there was a proposal to include crates and tippers, however we have put a counter-view to the Tribunal that crates and tippers cannot be considered alongside general freight. Other stakeholders have also supported our position.

The RSRT has not yet made a decision but this is expected in the near future.


The 2015 LBCA Annual Conference will be held at the Station in Jindabyne on Friday 6 – Saturday 7 March. All ALRTA members are welcome and can register at the LBCA member price. If you travel on NSW roads, you need be there and help push for safer roads, fairer loads and less red tape. You can also:

  • Hear from NSW Roads and Ports Minister and the NHVR CEO.
  • Learn about changes in the industry that will affect you in the coming months.
  • Sit in on the Q&A sessions with regulators and others in the supply chain as we seek workable solutions to problems on the road.
  • Get practical advice on protecting your assets and making your transport business more profitable.
  • Watch demos, explore the truck and trailer display and grab some great deals
  • Connect with your community and be part of Australia’s biggest gathering of Rural Transporters.
  • Take a well-earned break – visit the Snowy region and all it has to offer.

Don’t forget partners and families are welcome to come along too. Download your conference brochure here