Weekly News – Livestock and Rural Transport Industry Ops Group, Dalby Ramps


Last week, the NHVR hosted the first meeting of the Livestock and Rural Transporters Industry Operations Group (IOG) in Brisbane.  The IOG brought together our National and State association Presidents and NHVR staff to discuss and agree on the top priority issues that need to be addressed in our sector.

Last month our National Council identified an extensive list of priorities over which the NHVR has some degree of influence.  After hearing from several senior NHVR executives on a range of important topics it won’t surprise you to learn that access, fatigue and investigating the application chain of responsibility to effluent spills emerged as the top three priorities for immediate action.

The ALRTA greatly appreciates the opportunity to formally progress these issues with the national regulator and we look forward to an ongoing cooperative approach via the IOG.


Last week the ALRTA and LRTAQ travelled to Dalby Saleyards in Queensland to meet with facility management and assess the loading ramps against our recently released draft National Guide for Loading Ramps and Forcing Yards.

Among our delegation was ALRTA Vice President Graeme Hoare, LRTAQ President David Scott, LRTAQ Councillor Mark Collins and ALRTA Executive Director Mathew Munro.

The inspection followed recent letters from ALRTA and LRTAQ stating our concern that the $12.6m recently spent on upgrades to roofing, selling/holding pens, water supplies and wash down bays did not address the problems drivers are experiencing with outdated loading ramps and forcing yards.

The facility is Council operated and managed by a committee that does not include transport operators – which goes a long way to explaining why there hasn’t been a focus on the safety issues of most concern to drivers.

While management has responded positively to our representations and has now invited our associations to lodge a further letter outlining our priority concerns with each ramp, there was another serious preventable accident in the forcing yard of one of the problem ramps just days after our visit.

This situation really does underscore the value in developing and promoting our national ramp guide and we very much look forward to launching a final version after the conclusion of the public consultation period which closes on 3 June 2015.  Please visit the ALRTA website for more details.


The ALRTA National President has observed the 3rd meeting of the Transport and Infrastructure Council held in Sydney on Friday this week.  On Tuesday, we received a briefing on the agenda items from the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and subsequently wrote to Deputy Prime Minister Truss and all relevant State and Territory Ministers to outline our position on a range of issues.

Some of the important items that we expect to be discussed include charging, roadworthiness, chain of responsibility, a national registration scheme and the development of a National Remote and Regional Transport Strategy.  The confidential nature of the briefing means that we are unable to provide more detail at this time but watch out for announcements on these issues in the not too distant future.  You can find our newsletter back issues on our website if you want to check out the ALRTA’s position on each issue.


Last week I had the pleasure of attending the LRTAQ Committee meeting and Annual General Meeting.  It was great to receive some very positive feedback on recent ALRTA activities and I congratulate all office bearers on their appointment to the key management positions including:

  • President: David Scott
  • Vice President: Ian Wild
  • Treasurer: Ron Pattel
  • Secretary: Liz Schmidt


While in Brisbane last week I attended several official and unofficial events in and around the Truckshow and was again blown away by the scale of the event and the massive contribution it makes to promoting a positive image of the trucking industry.  Just about everyone in Brisbane knows it’s on and there are always plenty of familiar faces and opportunities to meet others.

If you haven’t been yet you’ve really got to put it on your bucket list.