ALRTA News – 26 January 2018


The BBQ has replaced the stove, the radio is playing summer festival music, tennis is on the box, it’s beer drinking weather and you can just about eat ham again.… it must be coming up to Australia Day!

Not many people get to see and appreciate this wide brown land like our regional trucking companies.  We have a lot to celebrate in this great country of ours and you know it better than anyone!

Happy Australia Day from the ALRTA Secretariat and we hope you celebrate in style!

Aussie Aussie Aussie – Oi Oi Oi!



Opal Cove Resort Coffs Harbour will play host to the ALRTA/LBRCA joint national conference on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 March 2018. Both state and national issues will be a core focus including heavy vehicle access, land transport reform, effluent and load restraint, chain of responsibility, loading and unloading infrastructure and the use of technology in our industry moving forward among many more topics.

Though it is not all work, you will also have the opportunity to unwind as we will be offering a variety of additional social events including a Welcome Reception, a round of golf and two happy hours that will precede our Friday Night ‘Blue Ribbon Sponsors’ Surf and Turf Dinner and Saturday Night ‘National Sponsors’ Dinner which will feature a special entertainer. Stay tuned for more info!

range of accommodation options are available to suit each and every delegate and can be booked directly with Opal Cove Resort on 02 6651 0573.

Register here now!

We look forward to seeing you in Coffs Harbour.



ALRTA Executive met via teleconference this week to discuss EWDs, mandatory electronic braking and our future leaders.  Look out for more news on these important issues soon.


ALRTA has proposed a change to the final drafts of qualifications for Transport Scheduling and Road Transport Terminal Operations (previously named Yard Operations).

An eagle-eyed member operator noticed that the draft section relating to ‘Care for Livestock in Transit (TLID3020)’ included a requirement for bunding in crates to prevent effluent leakage.

Australian Industry Standards has accepted our proposal for wording changes to the requirements and to the associated compliance assessment mechanism that better reflect current industry practice.



In addition to the video included in last week’s news, NHVR has released a fact sheet for Primary Producers on chain of responsibility laws.

Read the fact sheet here.



OzHelp, one of Australia leading mental health and suicide prevention organisations are extending their programs to the transport industry to equip drivers and other personnel with vital mental health support and practical skills to improve the wellbeing of people who work in this important industry.

“For fifteen years OzHelp has had a strong presence in the construction and mining industries, and over time we have seen increased demand for accessible evidence-based mental health services and suicide prevention education programs in many Australian workplaces,” said Tony Holland, CEO of OzHelp.

“After seeing what OzHelp have provided to other industries, Trans-Help has decided to close their doors and make way for OzHelp to provide their services to the transport industry, taking it to a new level,” said Di Carroll OAM, founder of Trans-Help.

OzHelp will now be expanding the delivery of life-saving mental and physical health programs to continue to improve the lives of professional drivers.

Evidence that transport personnel need better mental health support was revealed in an analysis by the Coroners Court of Victoria which showed that truck drivers had the highest number of suicides of any profession, with 53 drivers taking their own lives between 2008 to 2014.

OzHelp believes that equipping people with practical ways to manage challenging life circumstances and understanding their physical and mental health can have significant positive impacts on personal wellbeing and reduce the incidence of suicide.

“We hope that by increasing physical and mental health literacy and encouraging help-seeking behaviours, we are giving employees the resilience to access support for themselves and their colleagues,” said Mr Holland.

OzHelp is addressing the isolated nature of the transport industry with accessible programs such as their Workplace Tune-Up (WTU) initiative. This is an innovative online physical and mental health screening tool that generates personalised recommendations from support channels including registered nurses and wellbeing coaches.

This program is designed to help employees, while providing employers with a confidential snapshot of the overall health of their workforce to accurately inform, identify and evaluate wellbeing strategies.

Dianne Carroll OAM, says they are excited by the enhancements OzHelp will bring to the industry. “The services and programs they can provide to all of our drivers and their families will continue to improve the mental and physical health of the industry and have the capacity to save more lives.”

“One of the fundamental aspects around our approach is to ensure we do not duplicate services other organisations are providing. This new direction combines 28 years of experience and skill which will enable us to enhance the impact of services, and tailor them to more Australian industries where mental health support is desperately needed,” said Mr Holland.



As the new school year commences, National Transport Insurance (NTI) is reminding all road users to be mindful of local road changes, especially around school and community sporting grounds.

In light of the increase of small to medium sized trucks frequenting densely populated and residential areas, NTI’s Chief Executive Officer says it’s important for all drivers to exercise caution.

“It’s common for speed, parking and usage restrictions to come into practice during school terms, so it’s essential for drivers and dispatchers alike to stay up to date,” said Mr Clark.

“Journey planning can make all the difference – be it seeking alternative routes, or accounting for reduced speed areas and traffic conditions during peak times.”

But there’s more than just the business side of things to think about, he says.

“At the end of the day, the core message is simple and a bit more heartfelt. There’s a lot of emotion around this time of year for families with kids going back to school and many just starting. It doesn’t take much to be patient, respectful and mindful.”

Most school zones are in operation from before and until after school time, and extend beyond the immediate school area.

If your travel zone includes urban and residential areas, NTI advise checking your state’s Department of Main Roads website to stay up to date with current restrictions.



The ALRTA advises the following conference dates for 2018:

  • 23-24 March:  Joint National-State (LBRCA-ALRTA) Conference – Coffs Harbour
  • 18-20 April: ATA Trucking Australia – Canberra
  • May (TBC): LTAT
  • 31 May-2 June: LRTAQ – Charters Towers
  • 15-16 June: LRTASA – Adelaide
  • 20-21 July: LRTAWA – Bunbury
  • 17-18 August: LRTAV – Bendigo

Now is the time to start planning your trip to one of these informative, productive and fun events.