ALRTA News – 7 February 2020

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The ALRTA National Council met in Melbourne this week to discuss a range of issues including: heavy vehicle charging, national ramp standards, disaster response, NHVR productivity plan, maritime security identification card, fatigue notices and the ALRTA Constitution. Special presentations were provided by NTC and BP.

ALRTA National Council. 

The ALRTA National Chapter met via teleconference earlier in the week to discuss the Council agenda. In attendance were Ross Fraser OAM, Robert Cavanagh, Gavin O’Sullivan and Joe Sepos.

Ramon Staheli from NTC presents on HV Charging Options.


The ALRTA National Office landline in Canberra is now working with a diversion to the mobile phone. This will be in place until the NBN is installed. This has been a slow process and ALRTA apologies if we have missed any calls due to the transition.


The Australian Parliament resumed from the summer recess this week and it took no time at all for Coalition leadership challenges to be back in full swing.  In the wake of the resignation of Senator McKenzie as Deputy Leader of the Nationals, Agriculture Ministry and Federal Cabinet, the Nationals met to discuss leadership changes.
Prior to the meeting, Senator Matt Canavan resigned his Ministry in preparation to move a spill motion that would effectively declare all leadership positions vacant – including Deputy Prime Minister McCormack.  The motion passed and Barnaby Joyce threw his hat into the ring for the top job but was defeated.
As it stands, the Hon Michael McCormack MP has retained his position as Leader of the Nationals, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development.
The Hon David Littleproud MP was elected Deputy Leader of the Nationals and has returned to the Agriculture Ministry.
The Hon Keith Pitt MP has been appointed to the Resources Ministry. Both Minister Pitt and Minister Chester (Minister for Veterans Affairs) have been promoted to Cabinet.
Sources report that the race between McCormack and Joyce was tight. By some accounts the vote was split 11-10.  If true, that means that it would take just one Nationals member to change allegiance to change the outcome of a future vote. We may not have heard the end of it.


ALRTA encourages transport operators to check the current status of fires and road closures. You can find the primary links here:

NSW Fire information
NSW Road Information
VIC Fire Information
VIC Road Information
QLD Fire Information
QLD Road Information
WA Fire Information
WA Road Information
SA Fire Information
SA Road Information
TAS Fire Information
TAS Road Information
NT Fire Information
NT Road Information
ACT Fire Information
ACT Road Information


For information regarding available assistance, head to


Would you like to learn more about the flexible fatigue management options currently available to you under the HVNL?
Representatives from the NHVR’s Fatigue and Human Factors team will be in Dubbo to host an evening information session where operators can attend to hear about the options available and discuss the specific details of the fatigue flexibility they would like for their business and get direct input from the NHVR. 
Details of the session are:
Date: Saturday 15 February 2020
Time: 6:00-7:00pm
Venue: Quality Inn Dubbo International, 165 Whylandra St, Dubbo
The team will also be available after the information session (between 7.00 pm and 9.00pm) to provide one-on-one advice and guidance. 
To arrange a 30 minute one-on-one session please contact


A new year brings new opportunities to engage with the NHVR and one of the best ways to do this is through our regular Truck Driver Info Days. 
Upcoming date: 

In 2019 the NHVR stakeholder team rolled out more than 30 information sessions in all participating states as part of its roadside information sessions or one of the many events the NHVR attended.
This included four truck information sessions across four states on one day in September.
John Gilbert, NHVR’s Manager of Stakeholder Engagement and Customer Experience said the national day of engagement was a success as it allowed operators to talk to the team in a more relaxed environment.
“Some of this engagement has already led to changes and better wording of policy documents the NHVR has produced,” he said.


The trucking industry and other heavy vehicle users pay 93 per cent of the cost of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), Australian Trucking Association Chief of Staff Bill McKinley said today. 

Mr McKinley was giving evidence before a Productivity Commission hearing into national transport regulatory reform. He was defending the industry against suggestions that it only paid a very limited part of the NHVR’s costs.  

“In fact, the industry pays 93 per cent of NHVR’s costs, through the regulatory component of truck and bus registration charges ($144 million in 2017-18) and fees, fines and charges ($5 million in 2017-18),” Mr McKinley said.  

“The regulatory component is calculated by the NTC to cover the NHVR’s budget and then added to registration charges. It is not a trivial amount. For example, the regulatory component for a prime mover rated to tow B-doubles is $912 per year.  

“The Productivity Commission should revise its draft finding and recommendation related to cost recovery. We pay the right amount for the NHVR: we certainly shouldn’t have to pay more,” he said.

Mr McKinley emphasised the importance of independent, no-blame safety investigation and accreditation reform.  

“The ATA supports the Productivity Commission’s recommendations to extend the role of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau so it can investigate crashes involving heavy vehicles and autonomous vehicles. It’s something we have been arguing for since 2013,” Mr McKinley said.   

“Extending the role of the ATSB would improve industry safety by looking beyond the immediate causes of crashes to systemic factors, including the operation of regulators.”  

Mr McKinley defended the ATA’s TruckSafe accreditation program, noting that while TruckSafe has been identified as a stronger and more robust system than the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation System, the current alternative compliance arrangements do not reflect this.   

“The NHVAS modules do not reflect the current provisions of the law, such as fatigue management under standard hours, load restraint and speed limiter tampering,” Mr McKinley said.  

“The role of the NHVR should be changed so it regulates accreditation scheme providers, such as TruckSafe, and auditors but does not run one itself. TruckSafe accredited operators should be able to access the same alternative compliance arrangements as operators in any other scheme

“The ATA’s approach would expand the safety benefits of accreditation and reduce the compliance burden on accredited businesses,” he said.  

The ATA and its member associations collectively represent the 50,000 businesses and 200,000 people in the Australian trucking industry. Together, the ATA and its members are committed to safety, professionalism and viability.  

Read the ATA’s submission to the Productivity Commission 


Nominations for the 2020 National Trucking Industry Woman of the Year are now open, recognising the amazing women in trucking who make strong professional or personal contributions to the industry. 

As well as receiving national recognition for their achievement, the award winner will win a one-week international travel package for visit the Cummins factory in the United States.
Nominations for the 2020 National Trucking Industry Awards are also open in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Contribution to the Trucking Industry
  • National Professional Driver of the Year
  • National Training Excellence Award

Award winners will be announced at the ATA’s Trucking Australia conference, held in Cairns from 1-3 April.
Nominate someone great and join us in Cairns as we celebrate industry excellence.
Nominations close 5 March 2020.


SafeT360 bumped into the University of Canberra during orientation week to put the students in the virtual driver’s seat and show them how to stay safe on the roads.

ALRTA’s Marketing Officer popped by to experience being in the drivers seat of a truck and to get a better understanding where a truck’s blind spots are, how long it takes a truck to stop, the dangers of distraction, and other tips about how to keep herself and loved ones safe around trucks.

There were several TV screens in the truck which showed drive safe videos, you can listen to some true stories and then try your knowledge by doing an interactive quiz.

Kayla O’Brien and Emily Mills (ATA) with Colleen Mays (ALRTA)

For more information and location click on SafeT360


LBRCA (NSW) on 6-7 March 2020 at Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Convention Centre NSW. Click here to Register
LRTAQ (QLD) on 19-21 March 2020 in Roma QLD. Click here to Register.
LTAT (TAS) on 2 May 2020 in Hobart TAS.
LRTASA (SA)on 12-13 June 2020 at Adelaide Entertainment Centre SA.
LRTAWA/ALRTA (WA & National) on 24-25 July 2020. Location in WA to be advised.
LRTAV (VIC) on 14-15 August 2020 at All Seasons Resort Bendigo VIC.