ALRTA News – 29 September 2023


Stainless Steel B-Double Cattle Trailer
Purchased by ALRTA member Ian Einsedel of Transedel

Features including

  • Hendrickson Intraax AA250 Airbag Suspension and Axles
  • Effluent Tanks 
  • Extra Toolbox on Lead Trailer
  • B-Double Through Loads on Lead Trailer
  • ¼ x ¾ Foldaway Gates top & bottom front pens in Tag
  • Full width Ramp
  • Sideloads top & bottom on Tag
  • Ringfeder mounted
  • Total Tare weight 19.2 tonne 
  • High Rust Resistance

Byrne Trailers is a proud Australian Family owned and operated business. Leading the way into the future in Livestock Transport design and engineering.

Byrne Trailers is a huge supporter of our industry and has been a National Partner with the ALRTA for more than 5 years, following many more years supporting our industry state associations. ALRTA President Scott McDonald thanked Byrne Trailers at our LRTAWA/ALRTA Combined National Conference in Busselton earlier this year, presenting a certificate of appreciation to David Byrne.

Visit the Byrne Trailers website.


This week I’m writing to you from sunny Townsville.  Scott McDonald, Sue Davies and I travelled to the LRTAQ conference representing ALRTA.  The content was interesting and it was great to connect with the QLD Management Committee and hear about some of the pressing issues faced by QLD operators. 

LRTAQ Conference at the Ville
Colleen Mays, Gerard Johnson, Tammie Swalling, Scott McDonald, Rachel Smith and Sue Davies at the Bull Carter’s Ball

I also had the opportunity to meet with Andrew Henderson, Independent Chair of SAFEMEAT to discuss NVD and time off feed and water requirements.  ALRTA will continue to engage on this important issue, with the guidance of the Driver and Animal Welfare Committee. 

Michelle Harwood, LTAT and I had a meeting to identify areas of mutual interest and concern, and ways by which the ALRTA can best support LTAT.  It was great to see there continues to be consistent themes of issues across the states and ALRTA will provide guidance, support and leadership where appropriate. 

On Wednesday morning, Sue and I attended the Transport Women Australia Ltd (TWAL) breakfast event in Canberra with Chair, Jacquelene Brotherton.  It was an interesting breakfast, and I was invited to do an impromptu presentation on my experience and the ALRTA program of work, which was well received. The keynote was Angela Byron MAICD, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communciations and the Arts. Angela spoke to the Government’s decarbonisation agenda including fuel efficiency and new technologies. 

Rachel Smith (ALRTA Executive Director) and Jacqueline Brotherton (TWAL Chair) 

I’m looking forward to getting back to Canberra and continuing to progress ALRTA’s work program with members and stakeholders. 
Until next week!

Introducing the LEGENDS OF THE ROAD

Congratulations Graham Simpson (‘’Binky’’), the inaugural legend of the road from Curley Cattle Transport, announced at the LRTAQ Conference in Townsville QLD today!

Click here to read about Binky, and his legend of the road story.

The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) in partnership with PACCAR and Dealer Industry group, is launching ‘Legends of the Road‘! Hoping to recognise, capture and showcase the legendary heritage of our livestock and rural transport industry, before it is lost.

We want you to identify those legends in our industry that are still behind the wheel of a Kenworth, so that we can share real life, authentic stories and images of the hard-working men and women that use the Kenworth brand.

Use this form to nominate the next legend now!

This opportunity for well-deserved recognition isn’t just aimed at business operators but is also a fantastic chance to recognise some of your long-standing staff that have been behind the wheel of a Kenworth making your business great and our livestock and rural transport industry a success.

We encourage our states and members to submit as many applications as you like.

For more than five decades Australian made Kenworth trucks have helped operators haul huge payloads across vast distances on roads – Good roads, bad roads, and sometimes roads that are barely there at all; And there have been more than a few changes since the first cabovers and W Models were built.

Each of the uniquely Australian made models released over the years have been developed to be the best tool for the job, with more capability, more durability and more than just a little appeal for the driver behind the wheel.

As a tribute to those men and women, it’s time to celebrate your heritage.


  • LBRCA – 23-24 February 2024 – WAGGA WAGGA NSW
  • LRTAQ/ALRTA National Combined Conference – 21-22 March 2024 – TOOWOOMBA QLD