ALRTA News – 29 May 2024

Thank you to ALRTA National Partner
Paccar and Dealer Industry Fund

Kenworth recently launched its ‘Legacy’ video. Designed to celebrate the multi-generational businesses that form the backbone of the Australian road transport industry, the video talks to the journeys travelled and the stories created and is effectively a short film that highlights how important the legacy is that we leave to the younger generations. Acknowledging the landscape has been challenging for many people for many reasons over recent years, Kenworth says the video is a small way of saying ‘thank you’ to those in the industry who continue to keep the country moving through the part they play.

ALRTA Executive Director Update

Welcome to another weekly update.

It was another busy week here in Canberra with lots of meetings and preparation for National Council meeting in Adelaide on 30 May 2024. 

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Gala dinner for the charity ‘Boys to the Bush’. Boys to the Bush is focused on prevention and early intervention strategies for vulnerable male youth.

Since 2017 Boys to the Bush has impacted over 7,000 lives through involvement in our range of programs. 

These include 1:1 MENtoring Programs, Camps, School Programs, Education Programs, AlternativeCare Arrangements and Community Engagement Days.

Ongoing support is provided to over 75% of the youth that engaged with Boys to the Bush programs.

Boys to the Bush operates in NSW and Victoria.  

ALRTA is in discussions on developing an Animal Welfare Accreditation Scheme continued with ALRTA Driver and Animal Welfare Committee (DAWC) and NTI (CoR Safe). Key decisions are still to be made about partners, content, design and clear objectives. To provide clarity on where we are at with the scheme, we are very much in the early stages of scoping and discovery, which is why existing accreditation certificates were extended until 30 June 2025.  ALRTA secretariat and a subcommittee, under the guidance of National Council expect to be able to develop and deliver a program within the next 12 months to fill this growing need identified by members. 

I look forward to working with National Council, DAWC, Members and broader industry stakeholders in developing this scheme. If anyone has any questions regarding this scheme, please get in touch with me. 

Rachel Smith presenting at the LRTAQ/ALRTA Combined National Conference 2024

The Driver and Animal Welfare Committee met on Friday, as did the Biosecurity Truck Wash Committee.  We have received several quotes to develop a Biosecurity Truck Wash Guide based on feedback received from members.  We aim to deliver this guide by November this year.  

Tara met with several partners including NTI, Repco and Lowes and has met with several prospective new partners. 

Sue has been working with members on delivering our HVSI projects including using telematics data to prevent rollovers through informing driver behaviour and scoping of potential roadside effluent disposal sites.  We are working with Telematics Certification Australia to analyse existing sites and identify key sites to advocate for with all levels of government. 

Sue Davies behind the wheel

I participated in the first meeting of the Road transport Contractual Orders specialist group as part of the Closing Loopholes Bill achieving Royal Assent.  Due to ALRTA’s advocacy efforts we were in an informed position.  Meetings will continue as the regulations are designed to sit below the legislation.  There is still much ambiguity as to the Fair Work Commission powers and ALRTA continues to advocate for a Rural Transport exemption.  This will form part of our key election asks. 

I met with Mark Harvey-Sutton to discuss live sheep export phase out and broader industry response to this government decision.  More information will be provided to members as ALRTA forms our position and supports LRTAWA in their advocacy efforts on this critical issue for industry. 

Lastly, I had a great meeting with Northstar Public Relations regarding ALRTA’s election campaign.  Some back of the envelope numbers about rural transport indicate the industry is worth approximately $10 billion and counting to the Australian economy and is very much the connective tissue of our regions.  Watch this space for collateral and other materials as we move towards a Federal Election either late this year or early next year. 

For those of you attending the LRTASA conference, I look forward to catching up.

(L to R) Wade Lewis, LBRCA President; Frank Tedesco, LRTASA President; Darran Bairstow, LRTAWA President; Russel Borchard, LRTAV President; Rachel Smith, ALRTA Executive Director; Gerard Johnson, LRTAQ President at the LRTAQ/ALRTA Combined National Conference 2024

Until next week!

ALRTA Communications Survey

We are working on strengthening our partnership options, scaling them up to offer more benefits to both our members and partners. We will be working to better communicate those benefits and would like your say in the process. How do you want us to communicate?  Keep an eye on your mailbox for a member survey landing next month.

Let’s talk record keeping 

Just like that, tax time is here so it’s time to start digging out those receipts! Or, if you used the ATO’s myDeductions tool, all you’ll need to do is whip out your device of choice.

Here are a couple of things to remember: 

  1. Having records of your work-related expenses is essential. If you don’t have the proof to support your claim, you can’t claim it. 
  2. A bank or credit card statement (on its own) is not enough evidence to support a work-related expense claim. In most cases, you’ll need a receipt.
  3. Speaking of receipts, they must show all of the following:
  • the cost 
  • the supplier
  • the date of purchase
  • the nature of the goods and/or services.

To give you a hand, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has provided a handy guide for truck drivers to help you understand what you can and can’t claim this tax time. 

bp to acquire X Convenience, expanding retail network in SA

bp Australia has entered into a binding agreement to acquire fuel and convenience retailer, X Convenience, expanding its network with over 50 sites in South Australia and Western Australia.  

Frédéric Baudry, president bp Australia and senior vice president Mobility, Convenience, & Midstream, Asia Pacific said the acquisition would enable bp to tap into X Convenience’s local knowledge and convenience expertise. 

“This is an exciting day for bp and X Convenience, as we look to bring together two amazing businesses. We look forward to completing this transaction, integrating a high quality network and learning from the X Convenience team, leveraging offers that resonate so well with their customers.”

Read more.

Save the dates for 2024

  • LRTASA – May 31 – 1 June 2024 – ADELAIDE SA
  • LRTAWA – 3 August 2024 – PERTH WA
  • LRTAV – 16-17 August 2024 – SHEPPARTON VIC
  • LTAT – 18-19 October 2024 – DEVONPORT TAS

Save the dates for 2025

  • LBRCA/ALRTA National Combined Conference – 4 – 5 April 2025 – CANBERRA ACT