Weekly News: Enforcement Action on Effluent Loss

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Enforcement Action on Effluent Loss
Members traveling through the New England area of Northern NSW are advised that local police in that area are planning a targeted enforcement campaign of the road rules relating to effluent from livestock transport vehicles. We are advised that action commenced on 12 June 2014.

Section 11 of the 2008 Roads Regulation states that a person must not allow liquid, loose or waste material to escape onto a road, with a penalty of $498 for a breach of the regulation. Section 293 of the Road Rules states that a driver must also remove any such material from the roadway, with the same fine of $498 applying to a breach.

The ALRTA Stock Preparation Guide outlines sensible strategies that are in the best interests of the producer, transporter and the animals. Unfortunately, some producers incorrectly believe that filling stock up with feed and water before transport will improve sale weights – even after MLA research has shown that this is not the case.

The Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association has been active on this issue and just last week issued a detailed newsletter outlining their concerns about the pending enforcement action. These types of actions target drivers when this is in reality a chain of responsibility issue that centres around correct stock preparation prior to transport. Effluent tanks are not the answer because there simply is no network of disposal sites.

This matter was discussed at this week’s National Council meeting in Adelaide.