Diesel Magazine

The basic philosophy behind Diesel magazine is to tell it as it is, from a trucking industry point of view. The Diesel team’s long history in the trucking industry, gives it a realistic perspective on new products, operator profiles and the issues of the day.

The aim of the publication is to act as a knowledge base with news and information to help those working in the trucking industry make informed decisions, to enable the safe operation and improve productivity. We examine other aspects of operations which those in the trucking industry need to be up to speed on to survive.

The modern trucking industry needs to be across a wide variety of subject areas, all the way from the latest truck technologies, high tech telematics, changes to rules around subjects such as fatigue, accreditation and access, plus what’s in the pipeline in the future for our industry. The magazine and website now include our Rural Trucking Matters section, including articles relevant to rural trucking, with contributions from the ALRTA and LBRCA.

Diesel staff are involved in many industry events and engaged at many levels with those are striving for change in the trucking industry. We’re not afraid to campaign on the major issues on behalf of those involved in an industry which is so vital to the health of the Australian economy.

Readers of the magazine and followers of the various Diesel platforms can read everything from detailed reviews of the latest technology in trucks and trailers, to in depth analysis of proposed new legislation, plus interviews with those who are making decisions which will affect all of our futures. There are also in-depth profiles of road transport operators who all have a slightly different perspective on each of these issues and can express those in the pages of Diesel magazine.

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