ALRTA News – 29 April 2022


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ALRTA regrets to report that despite vigorous lobbying across a number of trucking industry associations that the Australian Government has not acted to fix unintended consequences for trucking operators in the wake of the decision to reduce fuel excise by 22.1 cents per litre (cpl) for six months.
ALRTA has called for the road user charge to also be immediately reduced by 22.1 cpl.  The impact of this recommendation would be to reinstate the fuel tax credit of 17.8 cpl.  We have also asked for indexation of fuel excise and adjustments to the road user charge to be suspended during the relief period.
With the Federal Election campaign now in full swing it is unlikely that industry recommendations will be progressed. Government is maintaining their line that there is net relief of 4.3cpl now available to trucking operators.
Given this situation, we recommend that all members be mindful that your normal fuel tax credits will not be available during the relief period. You may need to set aside sufficient financial reserves to meet any liabilities that you would normally cover with fuel tax credits.
On a case-by-case basis, the ATO may allow additional time to square up outstanding liabilities in the event that the duty paid on fuel is higher than the fuel tax credit now available. Click here for more information.


The ATA and ALRTA have each provided the government and opposition with position statements on key issues and sought a response prior to the election date of 21 May 2022.
The ATA platform is seeking a 25 percent reduction in truck crashes annually with several goals including:

  • the Australian Government funding and operating all major freight roads;
  • a ten year, $5 billion truck roads and rest area program, so truck drivers always have a safe place to stop;
  • continued full expensing for trucks and trailers to increase the use of newer and safer trucks;
  • air crash style investigations of truck crashes where there are lessons to be learned; and
  • a dramatic improvement for the road access system.  

 ALRTA has additionally sought:

  • a commitment to model a rural transport management deposit scheme;
  • specific funding for roadside livestock effluent disposal infrastructure;
  • faster roll-out of low-cost safety measures such as rumble strips, green reflectors, wider medians and improved road shoulders; and
  • bi-partisan funding commitment to national building road infrastructure investments such as The Outback Way and Inland Freight Route.

ALRTA will advise members about responses prior to casting your vote! 


ALRTA and State Associations met with NHVR this week in Brisbane to progress several important rural transport issues. We are seeking to jump-start important reform processes, some of which commenced in 2019, but stalled after COVID and other disasters struck in succession.
Our representatives included:

  • LRTAQ: Gerard Johnson
  • LBRCA: Wade Lewis
  • LRTAV: Russell Borchard
  • LRTASA: Peter Edmonds
  • ALRTA: Ian Wild / Mat Munro
  • TruckSafe Animal Welfare: Athol Carter

Key issues of concern included livestock loading schemes, harvest mass management schemes, livestock supply chain review and primary producer rego enforcement.


Industry and government representatives descended on Melbourne this week to discuss progression of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) review. In response to industry concerns about progress under the NTC, an independent consultant was appointed to finalise the review and report directly to Ministers.  ALRTA Executive Director, Mat Munro, participated in the ‘Reform Advisory Committee’ meeting.
The full day workshop considered high-level policy goals relating to access, fatigue, tech & data, governance, accreditation, registration, driver health and chain of responsibility. It was useful for industry and government to be present for the discussions to explore differences of opinions and potential solutions.
A report and recommendations will be presented to Ministers in May 2022.  


On 12 April 2022 ALTRA Project & Communications Officer, Sue Davies spoke at the Associations Forum National Conference in Melbourne as a member of a panel discussing the topic ‘Communicating to members with impact and relevance’.

Photo: ALRTA’s Sue Davies at the Associations Forum National Conference. 

The face-to-face conference, held at Centrepiece in Melbourne Park, was well attended. It was a great opportunity to meet people from other associations, who are working in similar roles, and to interact with representatives of service providers, such as businesses offering online platforms for conferences and others promoting idyllic conference destinations.
Opening speaker Stephen Durkin CEO of Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy said an association’s board, CEO and staff must ensure they are focused on the needs of members and provide them with high quality, relevant and timely communication. Associations are successful when their leaders have a clear purpose and a strategy to implement it.  He also stated that membership growth is an outcome of more diverse engagement, ie not just communicating routinely to members.
Another speaker, Dr Zena Burgess CEO of Australian Psychological Society talked about the importance of an association’s culture, its ability to collaborate, to uphold its values and demonstrate behaviours consistent with them. Dr Burgess recommended embracing the traditions and wonderful stories of the past while looking to the future by creating resources to enable members to do new things.
However, the main takeaway for Sue was the critical importance of an association’s role in advocacy. The panellists in the session on advocacy agreed that in this role an association needs to keep members informed of its activities while developing relationships with government and allies in the community. The process looks like Step 1, educate broadly, Step 2, advocate which leads to Step 3, legislate. It is important to be positioned with a clear and consistent message, to collect data for government to respond to and be seen as the industry expert, then ministers will call you!


Charges have been laid against a transport company and sub-contracted manager after a heavy vehicle transporting live chickens crashed at Remembrance Drive in Cardigan, Victoria, in February 2020.
Victoria Police Heavy Vehicle Unit conducted an extensive investigation into the crash, which led to the current category 1 and 2 charges under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL). The charges refer to a breach of duty creating risk of serious injury, illness, or death.
NHVR Director of Prosecutions Belinda Hughes said the heavy vehicle driver, who had told his boss he needed to rest, was lucky to escape with his life.
“The company and manager are now being charged with the most serious offences under the HVNL for failing to fulfil their primary duty obligations, which put the driver and other road users at serious risk,” Belinda said.
The matter will next be heard on 20 May 2022 at The Melbourne Magistrates’ Court in Victoria.


Two companies have recently been issued with Improvement Notices by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

An NHVR investigation identified multiple work diary, work hours and fatigue issues, and both companies failed to provide adequate fatigue compliance training and appropriate scheduling for their employees. 

Under the Improvement Notices, both companies must take corrective action and deliver activities including formal training, weekly and fortnightly audits, revised scheduling, Driver Safe Journey Plans, and non-conformance policies, to prevent further breaches.  

NHVR Director of Investigations Steve Underwood said immediate action must be taken by both companies after they put their drivers and the wider community at risk.

“An improvement notice enables the offenders to improve their safety and compliance systems quickly, with the NHVR monitoring the required notice activities to remedy the situation,” Steve said.

Failure to comply with the requirements of an Improvement Notice attracts a maximum court-imposed penalty of $50,000 for a corporation.


R U OK? and Healthy Heads in Truck & Sheds have teamed up to ensure those in the road transport, warehousing and logistics industries know when and how to meaningfully connect and genuinely ask “are you OK?”

Life’s ups and downs happen to us all, but those working in our can sector face unique challenges.

One thing we can all do is drive conversations with our workmates who might be doing it tough, to help them feel connected and supported at work.

Access FREE resources including ‘Your toolbox for driving R U OK? conversations in
your workplace’ and ‘Your guide to having an R U OK? conversation’ at

This campaign is funded by the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the Federal Government.



The latest vehicle to be raffled off for Motor Neurone Disease research, is in fact two – a truck and a motorhome.

The “Expedition Truck” is the fifth vehicle to be raffled for MND research by Australia’s largest transport and logistics specialist insurer, NTI. To date, the organisation has raised a total of $870,000 for medical research.

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TA22 program is packed with informative sessions, interactive discussions and insightful presentations specifically for the industry. Our sessions will provide you with the key to answering some of the most critical issues that have loomed over us for the past years. 

The sessions include:

  • Electric trucks: enabling the transition
  • Technology: better policy, safety and productivity
  • Daimler Future Leaders – the next generation of industry leaders
  • Improving fatigue and port safety
  • Truck drivers as first responders
  • Risky Business – Global View, Local Impact

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Key sessions and topics will also include:

  • The ATA’s radical changes to transport policy and the national truck laws
  • Leveraging the supply chain crisis of the pandemic and natural disasters
  • Australia Post’s Paul Graham on the lessons of a pandemic
  • Transitioning to zero emissions with industry leaders from bp, Volvo Group Australia and Toll Group
  • Trucking conversations: where we will flip the script – no speeches and no presentations. This plenary session and networking event is about your opinion and experience
  • Road infrastructure for the 21st century
  • Solving the skills shortage
  • Safety: achieving zero fatal crashes
  • Diversity in Trucking – Teletrac Navman

There are also vital sessions on better access, the future of rest areas, TruckSafe Tomorrow, Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds, and a load restraint masterclass with HVIA.

Our evening social events will allow you to take a break and give you the opportunity to network with your industry peers. 

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LBRCA (NSW) -26 -28 May 2022 – Wagga Wagga NSW – Information & Registration
LRTASA  (SA) -17-18 June 2022 – Adelaide SA – Registration
ALRTA/LRTAV National Combined Conference -12-13 August 2022 – All Seasons Bendigo VIC – Information