ALRTA News – 2 September 2022


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ALRTA has made 14 recommendations to the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee Inquiry into the Adequacy of Australia’s Biosecurity Measures and Response Preparedness
The Inquiry is considering the adequacy of Australia’s biosecurity measures and response preparedness, in particular with respect to foot-and-mouth disease (FMD).
ALRTA President Scott McDonald said that Australia cannot be too prepared for an FMD outbreak.

“FMD is a highly infectious disease affecting cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and buffalo. An outbreak would devastate our domestic and export markets causing up to $80b in losses over 10 years,” said President McDonald.
“The potential impact on livestock carriers cannot be overstated. FMD control measures will include a 72 hour national livestock standstill, followed by conditional movement permits that would require full decontamination of vehicles before and after use. Add to that a livestock market crash and a reluctance of supply chain parties to accept deliveries of uncertain disease status and we have a recipe for financial disaster.
“While FMD is endemic in many parts of Africa and Asia, the risk to Australia has significantly increased with an uncontrolled outbreak currently affecting 24 of 37 provinces in Indonesia, including Bali. We cannot be too prepared,” he said.
The ALRTA submission recommends temporary closure of the Australian-Indonesian border, an improved truck wash network, establishment of roadside effluent disposal sites, clearer decontamination guidelines, improvements to NVD information, fast-tracked stress testing of movement permit systems, identification of emergency holding yards, and modelling of a road transport management deposit scheme.
Read the full submission here.


The Australian Livestock Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) along with their National Partners, Goodyear and PowerTorque, recently launched a National Award, the ‘Rural Transport Rising Star Award’.

The launch took place at the combined Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Victoria (LRTAV) and ALRTA National Conference, held this year in Bendigo.

President of the ALRTA Scott McDonald said, “This National Award will extend and complement the Young Driver Awards some State Associations have in place, bringing more attention nationally to the important role played by rural trucking.”

In launching the youth targeted award, Tim Giles, editor of PowerTorque said it is, “Something which would reward and encourage those people in the rural trucking sector, who show initiative and enthusiasm, come up with really good ideas, and work hard to make both their lives and the trucking industry in rural areas, a better place to work.”

“A small judging panel will go through nominations, coming up with a shortlist and make the award at the ALRTA Conference next year,” he said.

Entry will be promoted by PowerTorque, across the Prime Creative Media Network and through ALRTA association channels.

Criteria and judging will be similar to existing awards, that is:

  • Entrants will be under 35
  • Working in a rural area or involved in rural transport
  • Nominated by an association member (but don’t need to be a member).

Finalists will be assisted to attend the awards event.

Previous state award winners can be automatically included for consideration if they choose.

The award will offer great prizes from ALRTA’s National Partners.

PowerTorque will provide a platform to get the stories of these young people out as widely as possible, highlighting the positives of the rural transport industry.

A tailored website to promote the award is under construction, so watch this space!


ALRTA expects the Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) to be automatically restored on 29 September 2022.
At that time, the halving of fuel tax will cease. However, due to indexation, the restored fuel tax rate will have increased from 44.2 cents per litre to 46.0 cents per litre.


An Effluent Code of Practice Working Party met this week to consider a final draft document ahead of a 28 day public consultation period. Represented at the meeting were producers, transporters, agents, saleyards, processors, welfare advocates and the NHVR.
It is intended that the code will be registered as an instrument under the HVNL. It will advise chain of responsibility parties what they should know about livestock effluent management in transit and the steps they can take to reduce safety risks.
Look out for more information at the opening of the public consultation period.


Researchers from Charles Sturt University and Gulbali Institute are inviting livestock transporters to participate in a survey to establish the best way to communicate with transporters about animal health incidents. 

You can help by taking the survey here

Completing the survey should take about 10 minutes of your time.


NHVR Safety and Compliance Officers are reporting a significant increase in road train combinations using trailers that don’t meet the minimum safety requirements.

Trailers designed for use in road train combinations are constructed and specified to be able to withstand the significantly higher loads and stresses to which the brakes, tow couplings and drawbars are subjected.

The NHVR has published information to help operators and other parties in the Chain of Responsibility to understand the specific requirements for these trailers. See the Road train trailer requirements for details about how to ensure vehicles used in road train combinations are operating safely.

The NHVR website has more information about the requirements here.


LBRCA has been approved to deliver NSW Livestock Loading Scheme Driver Assessments.  LBRCA assessors will deliver NSWLLS Driver Assessments across key locations including Gunnedah, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga and Yass as well as other locations on request, on a regular basis. 

LBRCA assessors will undertake NSWLLS Driver Assessments in conjunction with livestock sale days and will conduct NSWLLS Driver Assessments while drivers are carrying out their normal work duties.

Under the new scheme requirements, existing NSWLLS accredited drivers are required to renew their accreditation by 5 March 2023.  The new accreditation will be valid for 5 years after which NSWLLS drivers will be required to renew their accreditation.

LBRCA are currently finalising their online booking system and expect this site to be up and running next week.  In the meantime, NSWLLS Driver Assessment bookings can be made by contacting the LBRCA Secretariat at or 02 6295 6651.

LBRCA encourage drivers to review the free online learning materials and undertake the practice quiz prior to booking an assessment.   

More information on LBRCA website


Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds (HHTS) has worked closely with bp and Nutrition Australia to develop a custom menu comprised of healthy meal choices. From today, users of the Healthy Heads App will receive an instant $5 discount when purchasing from this menu at 29 participating bp sites for a limited time. 

HHTS CEO Naomi Frauenfelder said, “limited access to healthy food options is an ongoing challenge for many people working across the industry, particularly those who spend extended periods of time away from home or work in remote areas.

“This is why we have taken steps toward increasing healthier food options, while also making these options more accessible from a cost perspective, through our Foundation Corporate Partner bp providing a discount to anyone who uses the Healthy Heads App.”

The Healthy Heads App is free to download :

Membership of Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds is free. HHTS supports the mental health and physical wellbeing of people in road transport though training, and a focus on standardised policies and wellness.


Partial scholarships of $1000-$5,000 are available to help women in select industries participate in our world-class leadership courses

Courses are available for women at all levels. 

Applications close Friday 02 December 2022.