ALRTA News – 15 September 2023


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Well I’ve made it to the end of my first four weeks on the job.  It’s been great continuing to get to know the members and reconnect with industry. On the office front, consultation is continuing regarding HVNL reform and Sue has been participating in the consultation on the Master Code review.  We’ve also started to look at some systems for how to best communicate with members, including a review of our communications channels, and will continue to engage broadly on this.

I had the opportunity to have some interesting discussions across the course of the week.  It was great to catch up with Alina Hawkins from LRTAV on Victorian priorities and where we can work together on critical issues such as rest areas and facilities, fatigue management and effluent management and disposal.  Alina and I also had a very in depth discussion about the proposed ‘Closing Loopholes’ Bill and unintended consequences. 

Geoff Drucker, Managing Director with Countrywide Hydrogen reached out for a discussion regarding their hydrogen highway projects and recent announcements in Tasmania, specifically targeted to reduce road transport emissions.  They have an interesting model which aims to have hydrogen price comparative with diesel, with smaller scale refuelling stations more frequently along key freight routes.  They’ve also formed a partnership with an OEM to increase access to vehicles, including ensuring they are compliant with NHVR requirements. More information about recent announcements can be found here

I had an excellent meeting with Jennifer Sullivan from Animal Health Australia regarding biosecurity measures in Australia and ALRTA priorities in this space.  It is becoming increasingly apparent how critical it is to maintain and strengthen Australia’s biosecurity controls including biosecurity truck washes, particularly with recent threats of FMD and LSD. As a result of the meeting, Animal Health Australia has extended the opportunity to become a member, this offer will be considered alongside ALRTA priorities.  Concurrently, ALRTA will continue to work with members on developing a nationally consistent biosecurity truck wash standard that addresses these concerns.

This week also saw the agenda being finalised for next week’s meeting of the ALRTA Driver and Animal Welfare Committee. The committee can expect updates on several matters including the most recent report from Animals’ Angels on animal welfare in saleyards.

I met with several association partners this week including Nicole Walton and Ryan Hooper from PaccarScott Alexander, Rebecca D’Sousa, Isabel Farrugia from Cummins and David Byrne and Mick Bray from Byrne Trailers.  I received wonderful feedback about ALRTA team, it was heartening to see partnerships continue to be genuine and mutually beneficial.  I’m looking forward to visiting ALRTA national partners next month when I’m in Melbourne and continuing to support and grow these relationships.

I finished the week with a great chat with Todd Hacking from HVIA on all things member organisations, communications and policy.  There’s some similar challenges and opportunities and it was great to reconnect with Todd.  

Today it was announced that the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Murray Watt has agreed to a short extension, to October 25, for submission of the Independent Panel’s report on how and when the Australian Government will phase out live sheep exports by sea. The panel requested extra time to complete their analysis, having received 800 written submissions and over 3300 survey responses in the consultation phase.

Next week is again shaping up to be busy with various stakeholder meetings including ATA General Council Meeting. 


The ATA’s 2023 Technology & Maintenance Conference (TMC) will be held at the Kangan Institute (ACE), Melbourne VIC from 16-18 October.
It’s the trucking industry’s premier national gathering of business owners, professionals, mechanics, technicians, fleet managers and technical fleet professionals.
Conference highlights

  • Networking opportunities with all registered delegates & speakers
  • Industry updates, presentations and stories
  • Workshop tutorials and demonstrations
  • The latest products, technology & services from exhibitors
  • Celebration of industry excellence with the Castro! Vecton Awards

TMC is your chance to stay up to date, avoid breakdowns, and potentially save thousands of dollars through better maintenance and purchasing.


In the wake of industry interest, NHVR Prosecutions is providing the following summary to assist in the process of making representations.

Representations are a process by which you can write to the NHVR and request a review, withdrawal or modification of an infringement notice or charge. Legal advice is highly recommended but not always necessary.

Types of reviews:

1. NHVR fine review: relates to penalty infringement notices, traffic infringement notices or expiation notices issued by the NHVR.

2. NHVR charge review: relates to a charge which can be a complaint and summons, information, or a court attendance notice.

Representations can be received directly from the customer, their legal representative, or from the relevant state revenue agencies e.g. Revenue NSW.

You may consider writing to the NHVR for several reasons, including if you have a good defence, or you don’t believe the charge meets NHVR Prosecution Policy.

To submit a fine review, you may write to the NHVR Prosecutions Support unit at

To submit a charge review, write to the NHVR Prosecutions unit at

Find further information at:  


The Healthy Heads Road Show will be up for a chat at bp Marulan, Southbound on Thursday 21 September from 10am to 2pm. Their aim is to raise awareness about mental health, help to reduce stigma and make sure people in our industry know how to find our tailored mental health and wellbeing information and resources.

Stop by to fuel up with a free coffee, poached eggs on toast, and have a chat to the team to learn about the resources Healthy Heads has on offer to help you improve your wellbeing.

It’s free and loaded with good stuff: 
– Tips on mental health and wellbeing
– Industry-specific resources on looking after yourself and your team
– Learn about our Healthy Heads App
– Free coffee & poached eggs on toast

For more info contact Kayla O’Brien:


  • LRTAQ – 28-29 September 2023 – The Ville Resort, TOWNSVILLE – QLD
  • LBRCA – 23-24 February 2024 – WAGGA WAGGA NSW