Management of the ALRTA is vested in a National Executive which is elected at the AGM and holds office from 1 October each year.

ALRTA National Executive


Mr Scott McDonald
ALRTA President
Mr Kevin Keenan
ALRTA Imm. Past President
Mr Frank Tedesco
ALRTA Vice President
Mr Athol Carter
ALRTA Vice President
Mr Alan McKenzie
ALRTA Treasurer
Mr David Fyfe
ALRTA Secretary
Mr Lyndon Jay
ATA Representative
Rachel Smith
ALRTA Executive Director


ALRTA National Council

ALRTA National Council meets at least quarterly and is comprised of two representatives from each member Association.

(L to R, Back Row) Darran Bairstow, LRTAWA President; Wade Lewis, LBRCA President; Graeme Hoare, Chair of the ALRTA Driver and Animal Welfare Committee; Ross Fraser, ALRTA Member Chapter; Joe Sepos, ALRTA Member Chapter; Gerard Johnson, LRTAQ President; Tamara McArdle, LRTASA Vice President;
(L to R, Front Row) Athol Carter, ALRTA Vice President; John Rogers, LRTAQ Vice President; Frank Tedesco, LRTASA President; Rachel Smith, ALRTA Executive Director; Peter Edmonds, LRTASA Vice President; Robert Cavanagh, ALRTA Member Chapter; Russel Borchard, LRTAV President

State Presidents

(L to R) Wade Lewis, LBRCA President; Frank Tedesco, LRTASA President; Darran Bairstow, LRTAWA President; Russel Borchard, LRTAV President; Rachel Smith, ALRTA Executive Director; Gerard Johnson, LRTAQ President