Lowes are looking forward to our continued association with the ALRTA as a partner.

As the delivery specialists in regional Australia, Lowes Petroleum are able to offer ALRTA Members great deals on delivery of bulk fuels and lubricants. Your local Sales Manager can assist to create a package tailored to your needs.

We’ve also updated the Lowes bp+ card offer too with our Blue Ribbon card discounts at Lowes owned sites. We’ve added an additional level of discounts so now you can choose from Blue Ribbon, Gold Diesel and Green Selected Sites. This ensures that ALRTA Members get the maximum benefit from our association between the two organisations.

The three levels of card discounts have been colour coded to link to the bp network page on the Lowes website for easy ALRTA Member reference.  

The new agreement took effect on 1 November 2020, so now is the time to have a chat with your local Lowes Sales Manager.

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Link to network page for colour coded sites https://www.lowespetrol.com.au/lowes-bp-fuel-card-sites/

Link to Lowes Sales managers https://www.lowespetrol.com.au/contact-us/#team