The ALRTA (originally the ALTA) was founded in October 1985.

Over the years, the ALRTA and our member associations have together successfully advocated on a range of issues that benefit transport operators and the rural supply chain, including:

  • Livestock Loading Schemes
  • Harvest Mass Management Schemes
  • 4.6 Metre High Livestock Crates
  • Charging Reform
  • Better Network Access
  • 26m B-Doubles / Steerable Axles
  • National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
  • Animal Welfare
  • Development of truckCare
  • National Ramp Guidelines
  • $10m for ramp upgrades via HVSPP
  • Development of LivestockASSIST
  • Anti-Lock Braking Exemptions
  • 160K Radius Log Book Exemption
  • AFM Templates for Livestock Carriers
  • Effluent Management / Truckwashes
  • Land Transport Standards
  • Chain of Responsibility
  • Removal of the Carbon Tax
  • ALTA one of the founders of the ATA

The Association has been supported by many people, the vast majority have donated their time and resources without receiving any formal accolades – they did it simply because they believed in the association and they wanted to make a difference for the industry. We salute you! It is on your shoulders that we now stand.

Download our history booklet for more information.