Safer loading

ALRTA  wants safer workplaces for people in contact with livestock loading facilities and to improve animal welfare outcomes.

CRATE P.A.L.- Kilcoy Global Foods

Signage will be displayed near the Crate P.A.L. showing the applicable charge at the time of use. The charging range has been determined via the results of two surveys of transport operators conducted by the ALRTA.

The charge will be varied during the trial period as per below:

  • Monday 2 September $15.00
  • Monday 16 September $12.50
  • Monday 30 September $10.00
  • Monday 14 October $7.50
  • Monday 28 October $5.00
  • Monday 11 November $2.50
  • Monday 25 November End of Trial

Through the Federal Government’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, Kilcoy Global Foods (KGF) has partnered with the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) to undertake an innovative research trial that will explore the potential of a ‘user-pay’ system to facilitate more rapid uptake of safer unloading infrastructure at major livestock depots across Australia.

Over a 12-week period, a Crate P.A.L. will be available for use on a voluntary basis.  However, you should keep in mind that the Queensland Work Health and Safety Act 2011 establishes positive duties to ensure the safety of workers and other persons as far as reasonably practicable. In the event of a safety incident, any decision to use, or not to use, the Crate P.A.L. would be taken into account when determining liabilities. For those who choose the use the frame, a fee will be levied via the AVDATA system.  Fees have been determined via two surveys of ALRTA member operators.  The charge will initially be set at $15.00.  Every two weeks the fee will be reduced until it is removed completely.

ALRTA will collect de-identified data on usage rates at different charging levels. A combination of pricing and usage rate will be used to calculate capital pay-back periods (i.e. how long will it take to fully recover the cost of a Crate P.A.L. at different pricing levels?).  If user-pay is proven viable, ALRTA will develop a business case for the rapid installation of safer unloading infrastructure at other major livestock depots.

The ProWay Crate P.A.L. provides a safe working platform along the length of a b-double set of trailers. When using the Crate P.A.L., drivers will no longer need to climb up and down along the side of the crate where they are at risk of falling from height or being struck by livestock.

Operating instructions for the Crate P.A.L. unloading platform will be displayed on site. These instructions will also form part of KGF’s general induction information. If your drivers have any questions about operating the frame or experience any problems they can contact Proway 02 69324000

The charge will be levied via the AVDATA system. You can use your existing AVDATA truck wash key to pay the usage charge.

Please note: If you have any concerns about your AVDATA bill for use of the Crate P.A.L at KGF during the trial period, please contact Neil at AVDATA immediately on 1800 020 132 (free call) to discuss.

If you have any onsite difficulties contact the KGF office on 07 5497 1277.

In return for participating the research trial, ALRTA will transfer ownership of the Crate P.A.L. to KGF after the 12 week trial who will then require all drivers to use the Crate P.A.L. and usage charges will be discontinued.

Please contact ALRTA is you have any questions 02 6247 54 34 or contact us.

The see the ALRTA news video of the launch of the HVSI PAL frame project go to