Trucking’s Driver Fatigue Laws

Preventing Fatigue is Everybody’s Responsibility!

Some of the biggest delays and fatigue causing incidents are out of the driver’s control – they’re caused by the customer – and they may not even know it!

The new heavy vehicle driver fatigue laws place serious legal obligations on those who use and schedule trucks to ensure that driver fatigue doesn’t become a road safety issue.  To help our customers through the change and make sure that they aren’t exposed to legal headaches, we will be presenting fact sheets for all of our customer groups.

First up is the stock and station agent sector.  Read the official advice from the Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association to its own members about managing the driver fatigue problem and staying clear of the legal risks.  The ALTA  endorses this advice.

Don’t be concerned, be informed.  Read our customer guides, make the culture change and improve road safety with the ALTA!

Click here to download ALPA Fact Sheet

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