Media Release – 15 February 2024

Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) stands by action to seek livestock exemption from Fair Work Commission (FWC) powers

ALRTA stands by the outcome of many months of commonsense discussion and advocacy with the Crossbench and Government to win amendments to the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes (No.2)) Bill to allow exemptions to be given from the effect of road transport contractual chain orders to industries such as livestock.

ALRTA Executive Director Rachel Smith said: “Livestock operators drive on some of Australia’s worst roads; they’re skilled drivers, small business owners, animal handlers and typically carry freight (i.e. livestock) one way.

It is this inherent uniqueness that means the setting of rates for the livestock transport supply chain would be to significant detriment to the sector, as the minimum rate would quickly become the ceiling, pushing these small businesses to failure, which may not be fully understood by some industry associations.

ALRTA has demonstrated that although we are a small industry association, we can harness the power of our state associations to engage in pragmatic and sensible discussions with Government to bring about favourable outcomes for our industry. Having livestock transport exempt from the road transport contractual chain orders, whilst the new legislation and regulatory framework commences will ensure the new framework works for small, regional businesses transporting livestock.”

Media Contact: Rachel Smith, Executive Director, 0433 569 301