ALRTA News – 17 April 2024

Thank you to ALRTA National Partner

ALRTA Executive Director Update

Welcome to another Executive Director Update. 

Another busy week here in Canberra working towards member priorities and on several key initiatives.  ALRTA will develop a submission to the the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Regional Development, Infrastructure and Transport into Local Government Sustainability due 31 May 2024.  This submission will be developed in partnership with members and other key stakeholders.  I have already reached out to the CEO of the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA), Amy Crawford to ensure there is consistent messaging regarding road and infrastructure funding, safety and access. 

Last week the ATA ED / CEO Forum met for a second time, this was a great opportunity to connect with other association heads, share learnings and ensure consistent messaging of key issues.  The progression of HVNL reform was of key concern across attendees and over coming weeks and months we will work together to progress this key piece of reform. 

Elanor and I met with Bec and Matt from LBRCA regarding the LBRCA ALRTA Combined National Conference 2025, to be held here in Canberra.  Planning is well underway and this is set to be an stand out event and also coincides with ALRTA’s 40th Anniversary.  

In exciting news, ALRTA Executive has approved the appointment of a Partnership and Stakeholder Manager, Tara Edgar.  Tara will commence with ALRTA on 29 April 2024, 4 days per week, based remotely in Brisbane.  Tara will be focused on strengthening our relationship with our National partners and on boarding new partners.  I anticipate there will be an opportunity for members to meet Tara in Adelaide for the LRTASA conference. 

This week the team will be Trucking Australia 2024 in Canberra. I will be facilitating a panel on Level Crossing Safety with Sal Petroccitto and Dr Chris Wren, speaking on a panel on AI and Data and also the future of the industry.  I look forward to catching up with members and industry at this important industry event. 

ALRTA Council at LRTAQ ALRTA Conference

Lastly, we are still riding the high of a very successful conference in Toowoomba.  Tammie, Elanor, Colleen and I met to do a conference wrap up we have received overwhelmingly positive from delegates and sponsors.  Once again a big thank you to everyone who was involved in the organisation of the conference. 

Until next week!

AUS-MEAT Q Fever Register to close

From 15 April 2024 vaccination providers should report Q Fever (Q-VAX) vaccines and natural immunity information to the Australian Immunisation Register. This will support the closure of the Q Fever Register that is owned and funded by the Australian Meat Processor Corporation and administered by AUS-MEAT.

The Australian Immunisation Register is a national immunisation register that records vaccines given to all people in Australia. This includes COVID-19 vaccines, vaccines given under the National Immunisation Program, and vaccines given privately, such as for seasonal influenza or travel. 

The Australian Immunisation Register will not include information about vaccination or natural immunity status prior to 15 April 2024, unless the individual has arranged for this information to be reported to the Australian Immunisation Register by a vaccination provider. 

NOTE: Q fever is a bacterial infection that can cause a severe flu-like illness. The bacteria are spread from animals, mainly cattle, sheep and goats. A safe and effective vaccine is available to protect people who are at risk. Screening is required to identify who can be vaccinated.

Have you got a psychological health & safety action plan for your business? 

If you were in Toowoomba at the LRTAQ/ALRTA National Conference recently you will have heard from presenter Melissa Weller, that Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds has developed a National Mental Health & Wellbeing Roadmap to aid better understanding of psychological health and safety. The Roadmap assists businesses of all sizes in transport, warehousing and logistics to establish a Workplace Wellbeing Plan.

All businesses have a duty of care under WHS laws for the psychosocial wellbeing of staff.

Coming soon – Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds is partnering with AP Psychology & Consulting Service to provide a number of Psychological Health and Safety Action Plan Workshops. This hands-on workshop assists your business to create a plan to manage psychosocial hazards at work and move your workplace towards being more psychologically healthy and safe. 

For more information or to register to a course check out the website here.

Talking about heavy vehicle rollovers

Heavy vehicle rollovers have a high-risk of severe injury or death for those involved.

Studies show that heavy vehicle incidents related to rollover and lateral stability, occur in curves or corners. In rollovers the trailer tips over first, and it can take up to a couple of seconds before the vehicle driver notices it.

The National Road Safety Partnership program has produced resources to support ToolBox Talks about the factors that contribute to roll-over crashes and the pathway to prevention.

For more information or to download the ToolBox Talk  resources, go to the NRSPP website here.

Save the dates for 2024

  • LRTASA – May 31 – 1 June 2024 – ADELAIDE SA
  • LRTAWA – 3 August 2024 – WA
  • LRTAV – 16-17 August 2024 – SHEPPARTON VIC
  • LTAT – 18-19 October 2024 – DEVONPORT TAS

Save the dates for 2025

  • LBRCA/ALRTA National Combined Conference – 4 – 5 April 2025 – CANBERRA ACT