TruckSafe registered as a Code

The Victorian Government has formally recognised the ATA’s safety accreditation program, TruckSafe, as an industry code of practice under the state’s Road Safety Act.

The decision means it will be easier for TruckSafe accredited operators to prove they have taken ‘reasonable steps’ to prevent breaches of the road safety laws. It recognises that TruckSafe operators are required to meet stringent standards to maintain their accreditation.

Operators accredited under TruckSafe automatically meet the environmental criteria to receive the Australian Government’s 15.043 cents per litre fuel tax credit, and automatically meet the Queensland Government’s requirement that all its contractors have quality assurance programs.

TruckSafe is also recognised under the Australian Logistics Council’s Code, making it easier to meet the requirements of large buyers and customers who are looking to meet their own chain of responsibility obligations.

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