Should truckCare be ‘locked in’ by our Constitution?

Knowing that Farmer’s report was on its way, National Council and the National Executive began their preparations several weeks ago. Our appearance as witnesses in the Senate, and our recent meetings with LiveCorp and ALEC have been part of that.

One small, but possible very important change, discussed at National Council on 30 September, has been to think about how we run truckCare.

If animal welfare is one of the key things that our industry needs to get right, and be seen to get right, then we need to make sure the animal welfare is high on our agenda at every meeting of National Council and every meeting of the National Executive.

One step towards achieving that might be to change the status of truckCare and, particularly, the role of the President of our ‘truckCare committee’.

National Council has agreed to debate a change to our Constitution, at their next meeting (25-26 November).

On the agenda will be a proposal to make the President of truckCare into an automatic member of our National Executive, and an automatic member of our National Council.

If you’ve got an opinion about that proposal, or perhaps you’d even like to offer some suggestions on a candidate for the job, give your State or National President a call, or get in touch with me at national office.

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