No requirement to say ‘one size fits all’

A lot of work has gone into ensuring that all of industry can have its voice heard by the Tribunal.

As well as ensuring that industry-people will be on the Tribunal, the Bill is loaded up with provisions to control how the Tribunal behaves, how it takes decisions, and how it will engage with industry.

The Bill tells the Tribunal that it should consider taking a sector-by-sector and issue-by-issue approach to its work. There’s no requirement to say its ‘one size fits all’ across the whole industry and no requirement to try to deal with a whole lot of issues in one go.

The Bill specifically instructs the Tribunal to consider the special circumstances of areas that are particularly reliant on the road transport industry, such as rural, regional and other isolated areas.” That provides a strong opportunity for regional and rural transport to be treated differently where it’s relevant.

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