Election Lead Up: Summarising the Key Policies

The federal election is upon us!

Over the course of the campaign the ALRTA has met with many federal politicians and their advisors. We have also spent time reviewing policy announcements, speeches, media releases and more. As a result, we have been able to compile a summary of policies as released by the two major parties that we understand to be important to you, our members: heavy vehicles, infrastructure, agriculture, small business and regional economies.

We have not compared or judged the policies, rather we have simply stated the facts as they are presented. We’ll leave your judgement and choices up to you, after all that is what the election is for.

You will also see from our last post that we launched our own strategy for “Getting Regional Australia Back on the Road”. We requested responses from all major parties and received a written reply from the Labor party, click here to download it.

Download the summary of policies (included in our latest newsletter)
Download the ALP written response to the ALRTA Getting Regional Australia Back on the Road Strategy