Weekly News – 3 June 2016

Minimum Wages to rise from 1 July 2016

The Minimum Wage Panel of the Fair Work Commission has released a National Wage Case decision.  The decision has determined that from the first pay period on or after 1 July 2016:

  • All modern award classification scales will rise by 2.4%;
  • The Federal minimum wage will rise to $17.70 per hour.

You can find more information here

Beaurepaires Promo

Beaurepaires continues to provide support to the ALRTA through the national sponsorship program.  This month Beaurepaires is offering ALRTA members extra savings with these great deals in partnership with BP, click the link (underlined) below to see details.

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ALRTA Attends fundraising events

The ALRTA is an apolitical association with a 30 year history of working with all sides of politics.  As you would expect in the lead up to the 2016 Federal Election, most politicians are holding fund raising events to support their campaigns.

Recently, the ALRTA Executive Director has attended events to help support individuals that have worked closely with our association in recent years, including the Minister for Employment, Senator the Hon. Michaelia Cash and Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP.

The ALRTA will always strive to maintain good working relationships with important decision makers of all political persuasions.

NTC Consults Industry investigation powers 

The ALRTA attended an NTC industry consultation session this week to discuss a proposed review of HVNL investigative and enforcement powers.

The review is necessary because of the sweeping changes to chain of responsibility (CoR) laws that are expected to be implemented over this year and next.  Under the old laws, you could be automatically deemed guilty of an offence, with a ‘reasonable steps defence’ that gave you a chance to prove otherwise.

The new laws will switch that around.  At all times, you will have a positive obligation to do everything ‘reasonably practicable’ to control risks.  You will be presumed innocent and it will be up to the enforcement officer to prove otherwise.

While the new laws will be fairer, they will only work if enforcement officers have sufficient investigative and enforcement powers to build cases for prosecution.  However, any proposed new powers need to be looked at very carefully to ensure that they do not overstep what is reasonable and minimally required.

The meeting this week was a good opportunity to start thinking about the scope of current powers and where any new powers need to be focussed.

ALRTA will provide our preliminary written views to NTC next week.  NTC will release a more detailed public discussion paper in September 2016.

Update on Braking Guide

The ALRTA participated in an industry working group meeting this week to finalise the development of a useful guide for optimising performance when mixing and matching different braking technologies as part of articulated combinations.

We are hopeful that we will be able to publish the guide for the use of our members in the very near future – watch this space!

Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue Project

The ALRTA has written to the NTC offering ‘in kind’ support and expertise to help support the research work to be undertaken under the Ministerially approved Heavy Vehicle Fatigue Data Framework.

The research project will be led by the Alertness, Safety and Productivity CRC and will aim to scientifically evaluate the impact of HVNL fatigue regulations on road safety risks. ALRTA has previously provided written input into the design of the specific research proposals.

Counting Sheep

…141, 142, 143,….feeling sleepy yet?  Wake up – This is serious business!  We have been hearing reports from around the traps about errors counting or identifying livestock and the problems this is causing up and down the supply chain.

In Victoria we are hearing reports of drivers who are not taking enough care around saleyards and picking up livestock from the wrong pens.  In one instance, store cattle were moved instead of fat cattle and by the time they were returned the store sale was over.  In another case, cows were mistakenly taken with a load of bullocks from the same pen when they were meant to be going different places.

At the LRTAQ Conference we heard about western cattle QLD ‘disappearing’ and then ‘reappearing’ in southern states.  Please also be mindful of potential stolen cattle if you are running in that direction.

So, we just suggest that it may be beneficial to ask your drivers to take more care in noting pen and livestock numbers – particularly when the driver is new or does not have a background in the livestock industry.

Upcoming Events

There are several important events coming up in the next two months, including:

LRTASA Conference

The LRTASA Annual State Conference will be held 17-18 June 2016 at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. The weekend kicks off with a Golf competition at Adelaide Golf Links in North Adelaide followed by pre-dinner drinks and dinner at the Entertainment Centre. The Conference Sessions are on Saturday followed by a Gala Dinner and Auction.

Register here

Trucking Australia Conference

The ATA’s premier annual event ‘Trucking Australia 2016’ will be held 23-25 June 2016 at the new Sea World Resort Conference Centre, Gold Coast, QLD.  The program is a mix of entertainment and business activities featuring a keynote address by the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Kenworth Legends Luncheon, contracts master class and the National Trucking Industry Awards.

Register here

LRTAWA Conference

The LRTAWA Annual State Conference will be held 1-2 July 2016 at the Light House Beach Resort in Bunbury. On Friday there will be a demonstration of drug and alcohol testing equipment and a ‘sundowner’ meal including mini-auction.  The Conference Sessions are on Saturday followed by a Gala Dinner and Auction.

Register here

Joint LRTAV / National Conference

The Joint LRTAV – National Conference will be held 5-6 August 2016 at the RACV Resort in Torquay. Friday kicks off with golf in the morning, followed by three short information sessions and a longer session on the RSRT.  Friday night dinner is a special 80s themed event including presentation of Young Driver and Outstanding Industry Contribution Awards.  The main Conference Sessions are on Saturday followed by a Gala Dinner and Auction.

Register here