ALRTA News – 14 August 2020


We have some of the most demanding road conditions in the world, with many trucks in Australia travelling vast distances on corrugated roads, through billowing dust and extreme heat and humidity.  Australian trucks can also haul more than three times heavier loads than trucks in other parts of the world. 

Australian made Kenworths are purpose-built for these conditions. Each truck, designed and manufactured for its intended task and to individual customer requirements, providing operators with a safe and comfortable environment.

Made with uncompromising quality at our world-class production facility in the Melbourne suburb of Bayswater, you can depend upon Kenworths working harder for longer, offering superior productivity, strength and reliability.

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$95,000 of heavy vehicle safety funding has been allocated to the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) to support an education and awareness campaign to promote the adoption of the Registered Industry Code of Practice, ‘Managing effluent in the livestock supply chain’ to industry stakeholders. The funding was provided via the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) 2020 Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the Federal Government.
ALRTA President, Stephen Marley said that the funding would support the association to improve heavy vehicle safety.

ALRTA National President Stephen Marley. 

“The Effluent Code is being developed in consultation with a working group representing a wide range of stakeholders from the livestock supply chain and related interest groups including livestock transporters, primary producers, feedlots, saleyards, agents, processors, animal welfare advocates, biosecurity experts and law enforcement.”

“This project will ensure that the considerable effort of the working group in developing the Code is put to beneficial use, that the risks and controls identified are understood by parties in the chain and the industry-specific, relevant, practical advice contained in the Code is known and implemented, where practicable, to improve heavy vehicle road safety when transporting livestock,” he said.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the funding was part of $5.5 million being distributed across the country.

“Heavy vehicle safety is everyone’s responsibility and through local safety programs we can make our roads safer for all road users,” Mr Petroccitto said.

“Twenty-six recipients from across Australia will be supported to roll out programs targeting heavy vehicle safety. From road safety education, to truckie physical and mental health, to the investigation of braking technologies, tyres and pavement wear, these diverse projects will all make a big difference to safety.

“The NHVR is looking forward to working with the winning bids to ensure the projects deliver safety outcomes for all road users.”

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Media Contacts:
ALRTA | Mathew Munro | 0421 082 489
NHVR | Andrew Berkman | 0429 128 637


National Cabinet has agreed to an enforceable Freight Movement Code for Domestic Border Controls. The code builds on recently agreed protocols.
The code addresses many of the measures problems previously raised by industry (location of test sites, opening hours, evidence of testing etc) but is still highly reliant on individual states cooperating and communicating to achieve the desired result of national consistency.
For example, our members are concerned about ongoing problems on the VIC-SA Border because:

  • SA requires evidence of a test within the past 7 days or within 24hrs of entry;
  • Victoria will not test asymptomatic drivers;
  • The only heavy vehicle test site in SA is located too far from the border to be practical for many drivers.

 This situation culminated this week with police turning around approximately 50 heavy vehicle drivers at Bordertown who has previously entered SA but had not yet undertaken a test as directed.
Industry is working with authorities to improve the current situation. ALRTA understands that moves are afoot to establish heavy vehicle friendly testing stations near high traffic border crossings. Until then, member are advised to adhere to current regulations as enforcement is active and fines are around $1,600 for individuals and $5,000 for businesses.
The NHVR is maintaining an online register of border crossing rules in each jurisdiction. To get the latest click here.


JBS Australia has announced that Australia’s largest beef processing facility at Dinmore Queensland will close for at least two weeks from Monday 24 August 2020. This is the first extended mid-year closure at Dinmore since 2014, when like now, cattle became difficult to source as herds rebuilt after drought.
Dinmore has been operating at 50% of its 3,400 daily maximum capacity since May.  No assurances have been provided concerning re-opening, but a high capacity is required to operate profitably.
The JBS plant at Brooklyn Victoria has been closed indefinitely due to COVID related restrictions. Employees are required to quarantine for 14 days from their last shift and will be eligible for the government’s Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment.


The National Transport Commission (NTC) has invited ALRTA to participate in consultations on the next heavy vehicle charges determination.  There will be six of two-hour workshops during the remainder of 2020 with a final NTC recommendation due to Ministers in November 2021.
Given that governments deliberately overcharged industry by more than $1.4b following a 2014 NTC recommendation to reduce charges by 6.3%, and that governments have more recently frozen charges to assist the Australian COVID-19 recovery, the next heavy vehicle charging determination will be highly scrutinized by all parties.  ALRTA applauds NTC for making an early start on the consultations.


Over the past two weeks, ALRTA has met with the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Cities to put forward our views on broader heavy vehicle charging reform. We had so much to say that the we needed two meetings to fully articulate and explore the issues.
The discussions with government follow on from the last ALRTA National Council Meeting at which representatives from our six state member associations considered proposals contained in a consultation paper about ‘Proposed changes to the way that heavy vehicle charges are set and invested’.


Times are tough – or so they say! You may be surprised to learn that Australia recorded its largest ever trade surplus in 2019-20 on the back of booming agricultural, resources and advanced manufacturing exports.  Australia also recorded our 30th consecutive monthly trade surplus, with the yearly surplus growing 2.5% to $77.4 billion.
There is incredible strength and resilience in our export agricultural sector and ALRTA member operators can be proud to be part of it.


Australia’s leading transport and logistics insurer, NTI, has made a multi-year investment towards the mental health and wellbeing of all members of the Australian supply chain by becoming the top-tier “Open Road” partner of Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds – a not-for-profit initiative charged with creating a single national mental health plan for industry.

NTI’s   Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tony Clark, said NTI is excited to partner with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), and other industry heavyweights to play a vital role in how mental health and wellbeing is viewed and valued across the industry.
“We know being a transport operator is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country – both physically and mentally. NTI has a long history of providing 24/7 access to mental health and wellbeing services to customers.

“Our partnership with Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds is about taking this further to ensure everyone in the industry has access to help and education about mental health and wellbeing.

“We’re not just about keeping trucks on the road and sustaining businesses – it stems further than that. We’re talking about individuals, families and livelihoods. For an industry to thrive we need to engage and take care of its greatest asset – its people.”

Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds will host an official online launch event on Tuesday 18 August 2020. To register your interest visit


Accessible by anyone around Australia or the world, ATA Live is a free, online event that will connect the trucking industry. 

Delivered in an innovative broadcast format, ATA Live is hosted by Sunrise’s Mark Beretta and will showcase industry stories, special interest pieces and exclusive interviews, plus:

  • Trucking Q&A with Tony Jones
  • Kenworth Legends
  • 2020 National Trucking Industry Awards
  • Industry’s Future Leaders
  • Driving Change Diversity Champions
  • exclusive prizes and giveaways

ATA Live is a dynamic event that allows more people in our industry to connect and interact in a way they may never have been able to before.

Registrations opening soon


Biosecurity is a shared responsibility among all members of the livestock supply chain. Livestock transporters play a significant role in day to day biosecurity and are on the forefront when it comes to minimising the risk of livestock disease spread, particularly during an emergency animal disease response.

However, there is currently limited information regarding biosecurity available to the livestock transport sector, nor are there clear communication channels across the industry that can be used during an emergency animal disease response in order to reach all workers on the ground. To determine what information transporters require and how it is best communicated, the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA), Biosecurity Queensland and Animal Health Australia have developed an online survey to capture the thoughts of livestock transporters.
The survey was due to be delivered at the LRTAQ Conference in Roma, however due to its unfortunate cancellation it’s been redeveloped into an online questionnaire. The survey is NOW OPEN and will close on 11 September 2020. All transporters who complete the survey will go into a draw to win a 60L Engel fridge freezer, complements of ALRTA and AHA, valued at $1899!
To complete the survey, please follow this link

The project has also designed signs (see below) for Queensland truck washdown facilities to highlight the importance of good washdown practices for minimising disease and weed spread. These signs will be installed across washdown facilities in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled!
For further information regarding the project, please contact the Animal Health Australia Extension team at


Members are advised that the ALRTA AGM will be held via Zoom on 18 September 2020.  An agenda, papers and a number of special resolutions concerning proposed constitutional changes will be circulated ahead of the meeting.
For more information please contact the ALRTA Secretariat on (02) 6247 5434 or


Tambo transport operator Gerard Johnson was elected LRTAQ President at the AGM on 31 July 2020. 

The Executive Committee is:
Gerard Johnson – President
Mark Collins –  Vice President
John Rogers –  Vice President
Gary Willoughby – Secretary
Ron Pattel – Treasurer
Laney O’Neil – Secretariat

ALRTA congratulates President Johnson on his election and recognises the enormous contribution of outgoing President Ian Wild in Queensland and nationally.  


A child asked his father, “How were people born?” So his father said, “Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies became adults and made babies, and so on.”

The child then went to his mother, asked her the same question and she told him, “We were monkeys then we evolved to become like we are now.”

The child ran back to his father and said, “You lied to me!” His father replied, “No, your mum was talking about her side of the family.”


From 24 March 2020 the ALRTA staff – Mathew, Sue, Colleen and Jack have been working from home amidst COVID-19. We are gradually coming back into the office with only one staff member present at a time.

Please email or call Colleen on the ALRTA mobile 0490 515 681 or Mathew (ED) on 0421 082 489.


LRTAWA on 19 September 2020 – Burswood on Swan – Perth WA.