ALRTA News – 4 September 2020


As Australia’s leading specialist in transport and logistics insurance, we see the effects that the ongoing uncertainty from coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on businesses and families.  We congratulate the transport and logistics operators who are working tirelessly to ensure medical supplies, groceries and more are reaching their destinations across the country – be assured we will continue to support you.

Whilst a majority of our workforce are remote working, to us there is no change to how we deliver to the industry. As the trusted, reliable and experienced specialist, NTI is here to support you in the way we know best – through action,flexibility and empathy.

We’ve put a range of initiatives into immediate effect:

  • We’re making it easier for policy holders to adapt to these difficult times.  If your vehicles have to deviate routes or work outside of usual radius limits, let your broker/authorised representative know if you can, but we will provide cover.
  • As always, Laid Up Cover is available to support customers with vehicles or equipment that aren’t currently operating.  Talk to you broker or authorised representative.
  • You can trust in the strength of our manufacturer relationships and the internal expertise of our Parts Specialists.  We’re in constant contact with vehicle and equipment manufacturers and dealerships to ensure we maintain our market-leading access to replacement parts from the original manufacturers.
  • Our in-house team of Repair Managers are fully equipped and experienced in conducting virtual assessments using smartphones, tablets and more.  It’s full steam ahead to ensure there are minimal impacts to assessments and repairs!
  • Our NTI Accident Assist service 1800 NTI NOW will continue to operate 24/7 365 days to support you and your business
  • We continue to work with the ATA and the member organisations as well as the HVIA and ALC to keep this industry moving at such an important time. 

Stay safe and continue to look after each other during this time.


ALRTA has lodged a formal submission to Infrastructure Australia outlining the case for roadside effluent disposal infrastructure to be recognised in Australia’s Infrastructure Priority List.
Infrastructure Australia is an independent advisory body that evaluates and prioritises infrastructure proposals in order to identify the most important infrastructure investments Australia needs over the next 15 years.  When Infrastructure Australia positively evaluates a proposal, it is added to the Infrastructure Priority List. The list guides decision-makers on the most needed investments to secure Australia’s continued prosperity.

ALRTA President Stephen Marley said that it was past time for Australian Governments to prioritise and plan for a network of roadside effluent disposal sites.
“The red meat sector is a growing industry that supports 405,000 jobs with a total value of more than $20 billion – mostly supporting our regions. Most livestock are transported by road on at least one occasion during the production process,” said President Marley.
“In 2018, there were more than one million semi-trailer equivalent livestock movements across Australia with a transport value exceeding $1 billion. One of the realities of livestock transport is that animals can lose up to 5% of their weight as effluent during transit.
“Livestock trailers must be designed to provide ventilation for livestock and so cannot be sealed. Effluent capture tanks can reduce the incidence of major spills, but do not have sufficient capacity to capture all effluent and must be supported by a network of legal effluent disposal sites.
“In New Zealand, National and Regional Governments are jointly funding, building and operating purpose-built livestock effluent disposal facilities on public roads.
“This common-sense approach is exactly what is needed for the Australian rural livestock supply chain to co-exist and grow alongside expanding urban populations where livestock sale and processing facilities are typically concentrated.

“By prioritising the ALRTA proposal, Infrastructure Australia would be helping to improve road safety, animal welfare, biosecurity, amenity, environment and business sustainability”.
The ALRTA proposal will be considered for inclusion in the 2021 Infrastructure Priority List.


For the latest summary of border rules and testing sites click here.
Victorian Asymptomatic Testing Information
ALRTA thanks VTA for the following information about asymptomatic driver testing in Victoria:

  • Victorian COVID directions now enable asymptomatic interstate  heavy vehicle drivers to be tested if required before entering another state.
  • The driver does not need to quarantine while waiting for test results.
  • The driver can be bulk billed by the service provider.
  • The driver must have a copy of their driver’s licence, border permits and Medicare number.
  • The clinic will provide a test completion certificate.
  • Results will be provided directly to the driver.
  • Most clinics will not need an appointment.

Links to two private clinics are below:
Dorevitch Pathology
Australian Clinical Laboratories
New Testing Sites in South Australia
ALRTA is pleased to report that truck friendly free COVID testing is now available in South Australia at the following locations: Bordertown, Mount Gambier, Port Augusta, Tailem Bend and Yamba Quarantine Station.
Click on the main link above for testing locations around Australia.
Testing Now Required to enter Northern Territory
Interstate truck drivers must mow produce evidence of a COVID test in the past 7 days or entry will be refused.


The NHVR’s Southern Region Working Group met via Zoom this week. Participants included: David Smith (ATA Chair and LRTASA Immediate Past President), John Beer (LRTAV President), Graham Howell (LRTAV Immediate Past President) and Mat Munro (ALRTA Executive Director).
Agenda items included: Code of Practice for OSOM agricultural vehicles, local access problems and the heavy vehicle inspection scheme.  Updates were provided on important work in improving collection of compliance and enforcement information, electronic work diaries (EWD), the registration app and revamping geospatial data and platforms so that reliable, real time, route mapping can be achieved.
For members interested, it is likely that NHVR will approve the first EWD for use in October 2020. This will mean that you can use an approved EWD as an alternative to a written work diary (currently you must also keep a written work diary even if you are using an EWD).  


The trucking industry strongly welcome proposed Labor amendments to the Payment Times Reporting Scheme, which would introduce penalties for big business who continue to pay their bills late, Australian Trucking Association (ATA) Chair David Smith said. 

Mr Smith was responding to the Labor Party’s proposed amendments to the Payment Times Reporting Bill 2020, currently under debate in the Senate. The proposed legislation by the Coalition Government would establish a new Payment Times Reporting Scheme. 

“The ATA has been calling for the new Payment Times Reporting Scheme to be backed by stronger action to deliver fair payment times for the trucking industry,” Mr Smith said. 

Read more


Expanding networks and reducing the need for access permits will continue to boost freight efficiency according to a productivity blueprint released by the NHVR this week.

South Australian Infrastructure and Transport Minister Corey Wingard said the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Productivity Plan 2020-25 was an important document to ensure governments and road managers were taking steps to meet Australia’s future freight growth.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the Heavy Vehicle Productivity Plan 2020-25 would assist Australia’s 425 road managers to coordinate their approach to addressing Australia’s growing road freight task.

The NHVR conducted consultation on the Draft Heavy Vehicle Productivity Plan last year, engaging more than 50 groups across government and industry.

The Heavy Vehicle Productivity Plan 2020-25 and Action Plan is available at


Livestock transporters play a significant role in day to day biosecurity and are on the forefront when it comes to minimising the risk of livestock disease spread, particularly during an emergency animal disease response!

ALRTA have been working with Biosecurity Queensland and Animal Health Australia to determine what biosecurity information our members require and how it is best communicated.

All transporters who complete the survey will go into a draw to win a 60L Engel fridge freezer, compliments of ALRTA and AHA, valued at $1899! Let us know your thoughts.


Ken Brennan, TruckSafe Director says, “Training management is key to success in every business,”

TruckSafe Director Ken Brennan joined the TruckSafe board in 2016, and is passionate about driver training and improving industry safety. 

Ken is CEO for the ACT Transport Industry Skills Centre (TISC), and previously worked as a police Superintendent with more than 30 years’ experience on the force.

Ken believes the TruckSafe scheme fosters strong safety cultures and plays an important role in developing skills, safe drivers. Hear what Ken has to say.


Truck drivers, cargo and warehouse personnel, and construction workers feeling the impact of Victoria’s lockdown are being offered free counselling through Australia’s leading transport and logistics specialist, NTI Ltd.
NTI insures more than 14,000 customers and businesses across Victoria, and through its trauma counselling and employee assistance service provider, Assure Programs, is offering free sessions for transport and logistics workers throughout September and October.
CEO Tony Clark is experiencing the lockdown first-hand and said the counselling sessions were a continuation of NTI’s commitment to supporting the health and wellbeing of those who keep Australia moving.

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Transport Women Australia Limited and Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific seek applications for the ‘Driving the Difference’ scholarship program.

The scholarships support women in the transport industry, or those wishing the join the transport industry, to undertake training to improve knowledge or advance careers. 

Applications close on 31 October 2020.

For information contact Jacquelene Brotherton:
M: 0417 422 319


The ATA and Big Rigs have launched a new campaign this week, amplifying the voice of Australia’s truck drivers.  

The ‘Voice of the Driver’ campaign is an initiative that aims to gather feedback from Australian truck drivers on the proposed fatigue laws as outlined in the Heavy Vehicle National Law review Regulatory Impact Statement.   

“This campaign is about giving drivers the opportunity to share their views on the proposed fatigue laws in an easily-accessible way, through our online survey and a series of social media polls,” ATA CEO Ben Maguire said.  

Big Rigs editor James Graham is thrilled to be resuming the collaboration with the ATA at this critical juncture in the reshaping of the fatigue regulations in the HVNL. 

“For too long drivers have felt they have been left out and that their opinions didn’t matter when it came to policy matters.

“But the National Transport Commission is clearly now listening to their concerns and issues. We’re already seeing the difference the Have Your Say campaign has made with the RIS, and I’m confident that the Voice of the Driver will only build on that momentum,” he said. 
Take the Survey


Registrations are now open for ATA Live – a free, online event delivered in an innovative broadcast format.

Connecting industry and community across Australia and the world, ATA Live is hosted by Sunrise’s Mark Beretta and will showcase industry stories, special interest pieces and exclusive interviews, plus:

  • Trucking Q&A with Tony Jones
  • Kenworth Legends
  • 2020 National Trucking Industry Awards
  • Industry’s Future Leaders
  • Driving Change Diversity Champions
  • exclusive prizes and giveaways

ATA Live is a dynamic event that allows more people to connect and interact with our industry in a way they may never have been able to before.

Register now and you could WIN
one of 250 exclusive prize packs!


Happy Fathers Day!

Two fathers and two sons go fishing together in the same boat. They all catch a fish but the total catch for the day is three fish. How is this possible? (There are three men: A grandfather, a father (the grandfather’s son) and the father’s son.)

What do you call an ape who is just like his father? A chimp off the old block!

How can you physically stand behind your father while he is standing behind you? You are standing back-to-back with your father!

A mathematician wanders back home at 3am and proceeds to get an earful from his wife. “You’re late,” she yells. “You said you would be home by 11:45!”
“Actually,” the mathematician replies coolly, “I said I’d be home by a quarter of 12.”


From 24 March 2020 the ALRTA staff – Mathew, Sue, Colleen and Jack have been working from home amidst COVID-19. We are gradually coming back into the office with only one staff member present at a time.

Please email or call Colleen on the ALRTA mobile 0490 515 681 or Mathew (ED) on 0421 082 489.


LRTAWA on 19 September 2020 – Burswood on Swan – Perth WA. Click on the image to go to registration page