ALRTA News – 12 November 2021


As a proud national sponsor of the ALRTA, Goodyear is pleased to offer special buying prices to ALRTA members.

ALRTA Members are entitled to a 10% discount off regular cash prices on commercial tyres at participating Beaurepaires stores. 

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ALRTA National Council has met via video conference to discuss several issues including: fatigue; Heavy Vehicle National Law review; skills and labour shortages; COVID19; and events and meetings for 2022.  Earlier in the week our ALRTA State Member Association Presidents and National Large Member Chapter met for pre-briefings on important issues.

After an unusual two years in which ALRTA National Council and committees were forced to meet remotely, and our 2021 National Conference was held as a hybrid in-room/online event, we are looking forward to resuming face-to-face meetings and conferences in 2022.  Please think about attending our state conferences due to kick off early next year including:

  • LBRCA: 10-12 February 2022 – Wagga Wagga, NSW; and
  • LRTAQ: 4-5 March 2022 – Marcoola QLD.

You can find links to registration details here.


This week, the ATA called for a fast tracked plan to help businesses buy zero emission trucks. 

ATA Chair David Smith welcomed the Australian Government’s Future Fuels and Vehicles Strategy, particularly the focus on electric recharging and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, heavy and long-distance vehicle fleets and commercial fleets.

Mr Smith said it was a first step to reducing transport emissions, but the Government had an opportunity to fast track adoption of the technology for industry.

“About a third of road freight in Australia is moved in our major cities. Battery electric trucks are available right now. Australia needs a plan to accelerate their uptake,” he said.

“Zero emission trucks are not only critical for reducing emissions. They are a huge opportunity for any business that invests in them, with lower maintenance costs, lower fuel costs, the potential for curfew free operations and better conditions for drivers.”
Read more here.


ALRTA participated in an inaugural ‘industry-transport department’ roundtable meeting in preparation for the Infrastructure and Transport Ministerial Council meeting scheduled for 10 December 2021.
Industry participants were invited to provide perspectives on important matters for ministerial discussion and decision. ALRTA expressed strong views on the HVNL review and heavy vehicle charging. We will continue to engage in targeted representations in the lead up to the Ministerial Council meeting.


The Liberal and Nationals Government is investing $250 million in initiatives that will improve heavy vehicle safety, keep freight moving and create new economic opportunities and jobs.
Applications are now open for the Bridges Renewal Program (BRP) and the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program (HVSPP).
For the first time, the BRP and HVSPP will run concurrently so that applicants can access the right program, for the right project at the right time. Applications will be assessed on an ongoing basis.
In a boost for our regions, rural and regional projects can now apply for funding to cover up to 80 per cent of the total project cost.
Funding under the BRP and HVSPP supports the infrastructure needed to ensure freight operators can continue to make essential deliveries as well as keeping communities connected and motorists safe.
This includes projects to upgrade or replace ageing bridges, and for road projects which improve the productivity and safety of heavy vehicle movements across Australia.
Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz said as part of the continuous assessment, successful projects would be announced on a rolling basis.
“Accepting applications on an ongoing basis means state, territory and local governments can plan and submit projects when they are needed.
“This makes these programs easier to access, more flexible and better aligned to the Government’s commitment to invest in strategic priority roads and respond to local community needs.
“Crucially, the revised program guidelines will also see the Australian Government able to invest up to 80 per cent of project costs in regional areas, encouraging the best regional projects to be put forward.
“The Liberal and Nationals Government is committed to making our heavy vehicle routes and particularly regional roads safer, more efficient and we know better roads improves productivity.”
Program guidelines and applications forms can be found here.


This year’s National Biosecurity Forum, a webinar hosted by Richard Morecroft and opened by Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia, David Littleproud MP, focused on the National Biosecurity Strategy, shared responsibility and partnerships, and preparedness in the face of the increasing risk of exotic pests and diseases entering Australia.
On Day 1, Andrew Tongue of DAWE spoke about the Australian Government’s roadmap Commonwealth Biosecurity 2030 and the need to accelerate reform and build capacity to protect our environment and way of life and the economy, especially Australian agriculture which will be valued at $100 billion by 2030. He said the government is investing in new technology and supporting business transformation to ensure responsiveness, preparedness and resilience.
Work is being done to model global container chains. Australian data is a valuable asset that supports our efforts to be a good neighbour in our region and enables us to manage individual threats and threats to supply chains – it can be too late to deal with threats at the border.
There is an increasing need to grow the skills of scientists, border control staff, data analysts and the community to identify and manage biosecurity threats, for example Giant African Snails and Khapra beetle.
Over the course of two days, various speakers talked about clear messaging to target audiences and the importance of engaging with industry to form partnerships to mitigate risks, by conducting hazard analysis and planning an emergency response to a known biosecurity threat, for example African Swine Fever. Established livestock traceability and emerging provenance pathway credentials will be helpful in a biosecurity emergency. Ongoing apprehension about reporting, was discussed. It seems producers and others in the supply chain are concerned about the possible consequences. While there is a lot of support in place, more needs to be done to incentivise reporting (The hotline is 1800 798 636).
Some interesting presentations were focused on emerging technologies to support biosecurity – the use of a ‘Ranger App’ in northern Australia, new scanning equipment and trials of highly sensitive diagnostic tools.
A number of speakers advocated that raising awareness and encouraging compliance with biosecurity measures requires significant culture change. Tim Fraser from Biosecurity New Zealand shared insights of their campaign using ambassadors from a broad range of interest groups to promote the importance of biosecurity. See their advertisement on YouTube Ko Tatou – This is Us


Women & Leadership Australia is offering partial scholarships to women leaders in the transport and logistics sector to support participation in one of three leadership development programs. To make this opportunity available to more women, we have extended the deadline for applications to 15 December 2021.

In many ways, women have been hit hardest by the pandemic. Many female-dominated sectors have been our front line. At home, remote learning and extra caring responsibilities have often fallen to women. And recent research shows that many employees have been re-evaluating their careers, feeling disconnected and burnt out at work, and may be considering a career change.

As we look towards 2022, it is vital for employers to support their women leaders through this period of change.

Partial scholarships of $1000-$5000 per person are available for women in the transport and logistics sector.

These scholarships assist emerging, middle and senior women leaders to undertake leadership development programs commencing in 2021 and 2022. Our programs offer tangible and transformative support for women leaders at all levels. Applications close 15 December For further information.


A truck driver has been charged after attempting to smuggle a wanted fugitive across the QLD / NSW border inside a car, secured within a shipping container. We hope the fugitive was properly curfewed prior to loading.



LBRCA Conference – Wagga Wagga NSW – 10-12 February 2022 – Registration
LRTAQ Conference – Sunshine Coast – 4-5 March 2022