Changing of the guard in LRTA-WA

Earlier this month, I joined our WA Association for their annual Conference and AGM.

It was a privilege to join our WA members in congratulating Grant Robins as he stepped down after a seven year term as President. Grant received a standing ovation from the membership, and rightly so.

It was also a great pleasure to see Stephen Marley unanimously elected as our new WA President.

New officeholders were elected into all of the senior roles of the WA Association as a number of senior members stepped down from the Executive and even the Committee itself.

It can be hard to step back and let go. And it can be a nervous moment when you’re asked to step forward and take your turn. But a healthy industry requires leaders who will do both those things.

Bringing new leaders up through the ranks, bringing forward new ideas and harnessing new energy to support our industry: those are signs of a strong Association. Our WA Association is in good shape!

A salute and our best wishes to Richo

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, an era has come to its end. Bob Richardson is leaving our industry after almost a quarter-century with one of our leading members, the Martin’s Group. Richo’s commitment to our industry has always been first class, not just in NSW but also at national level.

Richo, your industry is stronger for your contribution, and we are all the better for you sharing both the good times and your many, many insights with us. Best wishes in your new life.

John Beer