Act now to cash out your lower A-Trailer fees

From 1 July this year, the Southern and Eastern jurisdictions have cut their A-Trailer registration fee by around $3,300.

Smart operators have quickly realised that, if your trailer rego isn’t due for renewal until sometime late in this financial year, you can get your hands on this saving by cancelling-and-renewing your trailers.

Queensland and NSW have acted to make this easier, by temporarily waiving the requirements to measure or inspect a trailer upon re-registration.

This arrangement is only available if trailers are:

  • Cancelled and re-registered on the same day; and
  • Re-registered without any change to operator name, garage address or other key details.

The concession in Queensland has just been extended and will now end on 31 August 2012.

The concession in NSW has started only recently and it also runs until 31 August 2012.

To get started easily in NSW, lodge a request to Make sure you provide the following information: Customer number; Name; Contact details – including email, phone and mail address; Plate number/s; and Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN).

If you don’t live in NSW or Qld, don’t despair. We hear that the other jurisdictions may be announcing something similar quite soon.

And finally, it’s important to give an acknowledgment to Peter Garske, the long-standing Chief Executive of the Queensland trucking Association. On behalf of all of us in industry Peter persuaded the Queensland government to make these more flexible arrangements available early in July and that has provided a concrete example, which we hope to see all the other states adopt. Peter has also secured the extension of the Queensland deadline so that it lines up with NSW.

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