NSW delivers on ‘small operator’ and RT concessions

While the NSW Government has put out some pretty challenging proposals for the future this week, they’re also doing an excellent job of keeping their promises in the ‘here and now’.

The State Government has delivered, in full, on their promise to implement ‘small operator concessions’ and to reduce costs for road trains.

If you have one or two prime movers, or rigids, and you have more trailers than powered towing units, NSW will give you 50% off the ‘excess trailers’.

If you run road trains, you’ll get 50% off a tandem dolly and 100% off a tri-dolly. That’s for all road trains, whether you have just the one, or a fleet of thirty.

But if you’re a ‘small operator’ who runs a double road train, your back trailer also counts as an excess trailer and gets 50% off as well.

All these discounts are retrospective to 1 July this year.

Go here for a Q&A sheet on the concessions. Go here for the excess trailer rebate application form. And go here for the dolly rebate.

Practical reforms like this and being so careful to keep his promises is steadily increasing the huge bank of trust and credibility that NSW Roads Minister, the Hon Duncan Gay, has built up in his relationship with industry – that’s going to serve him well, if and when the NSW Government starts consulting in detail on the very challenging ideas they’ve released in their draft Master Plan.

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