ALRTA News – 7 April 2017


ALRTA National President met with the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the Hon. Darren Chester MP, in Wangaratta, Victoria.  President Keenan and two other operators were invited to attend the luncheon which provided an extended opportunity to speak with the Minister 1-on-1 about a range of issues.

Some of the Issues discussed included parking bays, amenities, EWDs, the fatigue review and ALRTA projects proposed under the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative 2017-18.  These issues and others will be further discussed during a follow up meeting with Minister Chester in Canberra.


The ALRTA National Animal Welfare Committee met via teleconference this week. Major topics of discussion included the progression of our effluent strategy, NZ study tour, user-pay infrastructure, national crate standards and the TruckCare review.

Dawn Lowe of Animal Angels also joined us online to seek our views on issues including captive bolt guns, the fit-to-load guide and site visits to certain livestock selling facilities.


ARTIO NSW has kindly agreed to provide ALRTA members with information concerning the final General Carriers Contract Determination (GCCD) handed down by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission on 15 April 2017.

You will most likely be exempt from the GCCD if you:

  • Transport livestock;
  • Transport primary produce to or from land used for primary production;
  • Are engaged by a primary producer;
  • Use a specified specialist vehicle (e.g. a tipper or a tanker); or
  • Are a ‘common carrier’ (i.e. undertakes work for any hirer) rather than a ‘contract carrier’ (i.e. undertakes work for a single hirer).

However, owner drivers undertaking exclusive work for a principle contractor that does not involve a specialist vehicle or carriage to or from a place of primary production may be affected by the GCCD decision.

If you are concerned that you may be covered by the GCCD, you can read the ARTIO NSW summary below.

Transport Industry – General Carriers Contract Determination – New Rates and Associated Conditions – Summary

This following summarises changes to rates and associated conditions to apply under the Transport Industry – General Carriers Contract Determination following a decision in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission on 15 March 2017.

The GCCD applies under NSW industrial law to certain principal contractor/owner driver relationships within the general freight sector of the industry in NSW. Owner-drivers are known as ‘Contract Carriers’ under NSW industrial law.

The GCCD replaces the Transport Industry – General Carriers Interim Contract Determination which took effect on 2 July 2016.  This new GCCD takes effect from 15 April 2017.

Changes to the GCCD are:

  • Where the GCCD currently operates, rates will increase effective the first pay period on or after 15 April 2017.
  • A new rates structure will take effect from the first full pay period on or after 1 January 2019.  In some circumstances, rates will go up, in other circumstances, rates will go down depending on vehicle type, hours worked and kilometres travelled.
    • Where the GCCD currently operates, phasing in of new rates will occur in five stages through to 1 July 2023.
  • Rates in the GCCD will for the first time apply to:
    • The transport of cash (other than in armoured vehicles), furniture removals, private pathology and refrigerated transport.
    • Outbound journeys from the County of Cumberland (greater metropolitan Sydney) to areas around Newcastle and Wollongong.
    • There will be no phasing in of new rates where expanded geographical coverage or expanded operational coverage applies.
  • Existing daily allowances remain unchanged.
  • Hourly rates and trailer allowances for container and waterfront areas remain unchanged.
  • New hourly allowances will apply from the first full pay period on or after 1 January 2019 to trailers and in certain circumstances, to NHVR accreditation and to Blue Card training.
  • Alternative remuneration arrangements will be permitted under the GCCD with conditions.

There are also substantial changes to conditions in the GCCD that sit alongside provisions related to rates payable by Principal Contractors to Contract Carriers.  Provisions in the GCCD relating to conditions place obligations on both Principal Contractors and Contract Carriers.

If you believe your business may be affected by the GCCD, including in relation to new rates, new conditions and changes in coverage, please contact Hugh McMaster, Secretary/Treasurer, Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation NSW Branch, tel: 0412 880861, or email

GCCD Information Sessions

ALRTA thanks ARTIO NSW for allowing us to provide this expert advice to potentially affected members.  This association has a strong focus on industrial issues affecting the transport sector and can provide a range of member services in this area.

ARTIO are running a series of information sessions in May.  For more information click ARTIO NSW Information.


ALRTA Executive Director and ATA Trucksafe Manager met with Supabarn this week to discuss consumer attitudes towards animal welfare.   We have now met with most major retailers and are planning a series of meetings with processors during May.

Interested members are invited to attend a TruckCare workshop in Canberra on 22 May 2017, during which we will consider the review findings and implications for the TruckCare accreditation system.  Please contact for details.


Corporate support of charities often goes unnoticed, so this week we thought we’d put the spotlight on some social investments that BP has made to help support our communities.

In 2017 BP entered a five-year partnership with OzHarvest, Australia’s first perishable food-rescue organisation. Quality surplus food will be collected from more than 80 BP-operated service stations and redistributed to people in need within the communities in which the food is collected.

Annually BP donates 400,000 litres of BP Ultimate fuel for OzHarvest’s fleet of food rescue vans. They also support OzHarvest’s education programs NEST and Nourish, and are the presenting partner at the 2017 and 2018 CEO Cookoffs.

BP has also supported the McGrath Foundation over the last four years. With a goal to fund a new McGrath Breast Care Nurse every year, BP donate a portion of all fuel sales during the first week of October, and will be encouraging customers to donate to the Foundation at the register.

BP are actively involved with Coastcare in Western Australia, a conservation program involving BP employees volunteering to plant native species to help build habitats for native wildlife at two dedicated planting sites.

ALRTA would like to acknowledge BP for supporting these worthwhile causes.


Last weekend ALRTA President Keenan, VP Marley, VP Hoare and our Executive Director attended a very successful LBRCA 30-year anniversary conference in Dubbo NSW.   The event was held at the Dubbo Showgrounds which boasted handy parking, a large session room and an enormous trade exhibition area.  The gala dinner was held at the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre.

Attendance was excellent and major themes included last mile access, chain of responsibility, IAP, driver amenities and safety.  I am sure that the conference sessions and forums have resulted in a solid work program for the LBRCA over the next 12 months.   Some issues will also benefit from the assistance of the ALRTA and ATA.

ALRTA congratulates all award winners over the event including:
Life Member: Gordon Martin
Honorary Member: Di Peisley
Young Driver of the Year: Drew Cannon

ALRTA also advises the following results of the LBRCA AGM:
President: Lynley Miners
Immediate Past President: Jock Carter
VP Livestock: Graeme Hoare
VP Bulk: Kelvin Baxter
Treasurer: Anthony Hopton
Secretary: Tracey Boschetti
NHVR Rep: Wade Lewis
ALRTA Rep: Scott McDonald
Sponsor Rep: Peter Parslow
Sponsor Rep: Steven Haslem