ALRTA News – 2 August 2019

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The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) has strongly supported proposed laws to outlaw the use of carriage services to incite illegal activities on agricultural land and has called for an extension of the laws to protect trucks servicing agricultural land.
ALRTA National President Stephen Marley said that the new laws were necessary to protect the agricultural supply chain from vegan activists intent on economic terrorism.
“Over recent years, it has become increasingly evident that vegan activists are using dedicated websites and Facebook pages to incite individuals to engage in illegal acts such as break and enter, trespass and harassment against persons conducting legal farming, processing and livestock transport activities within Australia,” said President Marley.
“For example, Aussie Farms Inc publishes information detailing the location of more than 3,000 livestock farms and processors where it alleges animal abuse is commercialised.  Individuals are encouraged to capture images or videos at these sites to upload onto the Aussie Farms online sharing platform.  Consequently, individuals incited by Aussie farms have engaged in a range of illegal acts in an effort to obtain images and videos.
“ALRTA strongly supports the Federal Government’s proposals to establish new offences under the Criminal Code to combat this activity. While the objective of the proposed laws is laudable and well-intended, the scope is limited to the incitement of illegal acts on agricultural land only, including farms, feedlots, sale yards and processors.  It does not extend to heavy vehicles on public roads that are servicing agricultural land.
“Most businesses that fall within the definition of agricultural land are highly reliant on trucks to move agricultural produce to or from their premises.  In particular, abattoirs have very limited livestock yarding capacity and are often restricted in their ability to feed and care for livestock for extended periods. 
“Trucks attempting to enter or leave agricultural land are physically exposed and extremely vulnerable to activist activities. Over the past 18 months there has been repeated incidents across Australia during which trucks were specifically targeted by vegan activists. 
“Typically, the activists form human chains to prevent movement of vehicles, they climb onto bull bars and trailers, they insert their own limbs into trailers to take photos of animals, they bang on doors and scream verbal abuse at drivers – and all the while they challenge drivers to respond so it can be recorded and posted online.  In some cases, activists have even attempted to steal the keys of a truck while it was in motion or remove the pins that secure the tail gate so animals can escape directly into the road corridor.  
“These activities directly threaten the safety and welfare of livestock, drivers, members of the public and the protestors themselves.  While ALRTA supports the right of individuals to protest peacefully, advocate or engage politically, such activities should not interfere with lawful business activities or put the safety of people or animals at risk.
“Just as is the case for businesses operating on agricultural land, incitement of illegal activities involving trucks servicing agricultural land is a problem of national significance.  If the Bill is passed in its current form, activists will continue to incite illegal activities against trucks with impunity – and may even be incentivised to more actively target trucks in future because of the relative lack of regulation in this area.
“For this reason, ALRTA has lodged a submission supporting passage of the government bill, but also seeking an amendment to establish an additional offence that would apply where a person uses a carriage service to transmit, make available, publish or otherwise distribute material with the intent to incite another person to unlawfully impede, interfere, harass, damage, deface etc a heavy vehicle engaged in moving goods to agricultural land or from agricultural land,” he said.
The Federal Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee is currently reviewing the proposed legislation and will report to Parliament by 6 September 2019.  To read the ALRTA submission click here.


Commonwealth, State and Territory Transport Ministers will meet in Adelaide this week.  It is expected that the agenda will cover road safety, heavy vehicle charging, rail development and other regulatory issues.  ALRTA Immediate Past President, Kevin Keenan, will attend the Officials Dinner and industry consultation session. 


ALRTA representatives attended the second NHVR Fatigue Safety Forum held in Sydney. Our representatives included David Smith (LRTASA), Robert Cavanagh (LBRCA), Mick McCullough (LBRCA) and Mat Munro (ALRTA). The Forum was opened by NHVR Chair Duncan Gay and facilitated by Andrew Higginson.

Andrew Higginson facilitates the forum.

The Forum followed on from the first event held in October 2019, further exploring how to deliver on several key principles previously identified. Participants agreed that a holistic approach is necessary that considers all of the factors affecting fitness for duty (not just work and rest) and that additional flexibility is needed within reasonable limits.

(L-R): Mick McCullough, David Smith & Robert Cavanagh. 

Outcomes from the Forum will inform the NHVR’s current approach to fatigue regulation as well as the NTC review of the fatigue provisions contained within the HVNL.


LRTAV President, Graham Howell, and ALRTA Executive Director, Mat Munro, attended at NTC Industry Advisory Group meeting in Melbourne. The meeting focussed on the most recent HVNL review issues papers released on access, safe people and safe vehicles.  This meeting was a good opportunity for industry stakeholders to explore key themes and provide general feedback on the papers, consultation processes and timeframes.
Last week, Ian Wild (LRTAQ President) and Graeme Hoare (LBRCA) attended a heavy vehicle access co-design workshop in Brisbane.

Access Co-Design Workshop.

Members are reminded that ALRTA Secretariat is currently conducting member interviews about HVNL reform.  Over the next few weeks Mat, Colleen or Sue may call to ask you questions about what you like / don’t like about the HVNL and how you would make it better.   If you would like to participate in an interview, please contact the ALRTA office on (02) 6247 5434 or and we will either do it straight away or arrange a convenient time.


Fuel tax credit rates will increase for fuel acquired from 5 August 2019 in line with fuel excise duty rate changes.  For liquid fuels used in a heavy vehicle on a public road, the tax credit rate will rise from 15.8cpl to 16.0cpl. 
To make it easier to work out what you’re entitled to, you can:


ALRTA National President, Stephen Marley, and Executive Director, Mat Munro, travelled to Busselton WA to deliver a presentation at the LRTAWA Annual Conference. The event was well attended and the venue at Abbey Beach Resort was excellent. 

Highlights included a keynote address by inspirational super coach, Kevin Sheedy, an open forum with Main Roads WA, a market outlook session and a look at the work of The Sheep Collective in promoting the positive contribution of the livestock sector.

I am always amazed by the generosity and community spirit of our members in WA.  Once again, thousands of dollars were raised for the Perth Children’s Hospital and hearts were warmed all round when an impromptu collection raised more than $1,000 to purchase a special auction item for a child attending the dinner who could not afford it. 

LRTAWA will be hosting the 2020 National Conference – so start thinking about making a trip to the west next July!


ALRTA congratulates the following office bearers elected at the LRTAWA AGM on 26 July 2019:

  • President: David Fyfe
  • Vice President: Matt Henderson (Bulk)
  • Vice President: Nathan Miotti (Livestock)
  • Treasurer: Darren Bairstow
  • Immediate Past President: Andy Jacob
LRTAWA President David Fyfe.

ALRTA recognises the excellent work of Andy Jacob during his time as LRTAWA President – especially his efforts to defend and protect live sheep exports.


While travelling to attend the LRTAWA Annual Conference, the ALRTA Executive Director, Mat Munro, stopped off for a tour of the Peel Feedlot in Serpentine – Jarrahdale.  The tour was hosted by Dr Holly Ludeman from The Sheep Collective and Mr Mike Curnick, Livestock Manager at Emanuels.  The facility is used to quarantine up to 1,000,000 sheep per year for live export and supplies several domestic meat processing facilities. 

Mike Curnick & Mat Munro. 


ALRTA Treasurer, Fiona Wild, and Project Officer, Sue Davies, travelled to Roma on 25 July 2019 to give saleyard managers and other attendees a presentation about the development of a Code of Practice to manage effluent in the livestock supply chain. The presentation gave background for the project, focusing on the shared responsibility of parties in the livestock supply chain and the important contribution that parties can make in consulting to develop the Code and providing feedback on the draft.  Sue also outlined the Code development process to date.
Fiona and Sue were welcomed to the afternoon session, following ALMA’s AGM and round table discussion. The audience were receptive to the problem of effective livestock effluent management and showed interest in the topic.  A few asked questions and proposed solutions to the issues raised. Some attendees shared the ways in which they currently collect and deal with effluent, such as selling to landscape suppliers and value adding by creating fertilizer or other products.  They were looking for their business to provide a return on investments, such as installed truck wash bays. Others were interested in finding and sharing good ideas for what they could do with effluent products, if they collect it.


GHD Advisory is continuing to work on behalf of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (DITCRD) to develop a whole-of-corridor strategy for the Princes Highway.  The strategy is designed to integrate planning across the corridor and align priorities and investments across State and Commonwealth governments.
To find more about the project click here.
Consultation sessions are being held at the following times/locations:

  • 12 August, 12:00 – 2:00pm – Adelaide.
  • 15 August, 11:30am-1:30pm – Geelong, Traralgon & Warrnambool.
  • 20 August, 12:00 – 2:00pm – Bega & Wollongong.

For more information and to register contact by 7 August 2019.


The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing will open on Sunday, 8 September 2019.  The tolls will be as follows:

  • Motorcycles: $1.15
  • Cars: $2.30
  • Light commercial <4.5t: $5.70
  • Heavy Vehicles >4.5t: $22.85

 No tolls will be collected for the first three months.

All heavy vehicles will be required to use the new crossing except:

  • Vehicles with a local destination in Toowoomba
  • Vehicles travelling to/from the Warwick area via the New England Highway
  • Buses, motorhomes or motorised caravans


The NHVR has released An Introduction to Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) booklet, on Monday at the second Fatigue Safety Forum.

NHVR Fatigue Specialist Andreas Blahous said the new booklet would provide simple information for operators seeking access to more flexible work and rest hours.

“AFM can be a powerful tool that allows businesses to unlock flexibility in their operations while reducing complexity and improving safety,” Mr Blahous said.

“The flexibility available within AFM gives operators peace of mind through more control over work and rest hours, places a focus on risk management and can result in a significant return on investment.

“This booklet provides an introduction to some core aspects of AFM including information about the key benefits, requirements and application process.

“There are currently more than 50 AFM accredited operators across Australia and we want to see those numbers grow through making the process simpler and promoting the benefits.”

Earlier this year, as part of a new application toolkit, the NHVR released the first in a series of AFM booklets, showing examples of operating limits and countermeasures that are currently in use.

Access to flexibility, fatigue risk management and the NHVR’s response to the Heavy Vehicle National Law Review (HVNL) will be among the key topics discussed by operators and industry representatives at the Forum in Sydney today.

“The NHVR is currently finalising our response to the National Transport Commission’s paper on Effective Fatigue Management and the forum is a good opportunity to discuss the options we are considering,” Mr Blahous said.

“Fatigue reform is one of the most critical areas for reform as part of the HVNL Review and it’s one of the most discussed topics when we meet with drivers and businesses.”

An Introduction to Advanced Fatigue Management is available at

The NHVR conducted its first Fatigue Safety Forum in October last year. Click here to see the Summary of Outcomes from the first forum


Know an awesome workshop professional? They could win a trip to the U.S! 

It’s time to celebrate the hardworking and women in Australia’s trucking workshops and recognise technical and maintenance excellence. 

Thanks to Castrol Vecton, the winner of the 2019 Craig Roseneder Award will receive a fully paid trip to attend the US Technology and Maintenance Council’s 2020 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The biggest exhibition of it’s kind in the US, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with an international network, attend open forums and share insights.

Check out the highlights from this year’s US TMC conference. 

Nominations close 13 September with winners announced at the ATA’s 2019 Technology and Maintenance Conference held 14-16 October in Melbourne. Nominate now!


ALRTA Council Meeting & AGM
An ALRTA Council Meeting & AGM will be held on 15 August 2019 at Best Western Motel and Convention Centre, ATTWOOD VIC. Contact ALRTA secretariat for more details.

2019 LRTAV Annual Conference
The 2019 LRTAV Annual Conference will be held 16-17 August at All Seasons, Bendigo, VIC. For more information and to register click here.

2020 LBRCA Annual Conference  – Tamworth 6-7 March 
The LBRCA has secured the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Convention Centre (TRECC) for their 2020 Annual Conference on 6-7March 2020.