ALRTA News – 3 April 2020


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This week’s announcement by National Cabinet to allow service centres and truck stops to remain open for heavy vehicle drivers has been welcomed by ALRTA and NHVR.

The exemption comes in the wake of intense industry lobbying after drivers were denied access to meals, lounges, toilets and showers following emergency prohibitions agreed by Australian Governments.

ALRTA National President Stephen Marley said that the exemption is a common sense outcome and testament to the importance of the road transport sector.

“Our association has been working hard to ensure that road transport is recognised as an essential service,” President Marley said.

“Governments have kept their borders open to trucks, freight and logistics personnel and removed unnecessary red tape that was limiting productivity. This has enabled our sector to continue supporting Australian businesses and communities during the COVID-19 crisis.

“We understand that the prohibition on the operation of dine-in restaurants and cafes was established with the best of intentions under time-critical emergency circumstances.  Unfortunately, it also had the effect of limiting access to meals, lounges, toilets and showers for our drivers.

“The exemption is necessary so we can continue to provide an essential service to all Australians. I strongly encourage all drivers to be aware of and observe the related protocols for their own safety and that of truckstop staff.”

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said that a set of standard protocols would support both businesses and drivers to stay safe through this period.

“For road freight to move safely, truck driver health and fatigue needs to be managed with regular breaks and facilities for truck drivers to eat, shower, use restrooms, refuel and rest comfortably before resuming their work,” Mr Petroccitto said. 

“These sensible guidelines will help to keep facilities open by prioritising the health and safety of both staff and drivers as they carry out the incredibly important roles they are playing in the midst of this crisis.

“Things like properly cleaning and sanitising showers and toilets, spacing out seating, minimising interactions between staff and drivers and removing self-serve options can go a long way to slowing down the spread of the coronavirus.

“For drivers, things like washing hands on your way in and out, not staying longer than an hour and practicing social distancing will support these facilities to remain open.

“We understand that, given the economic circumstances, not all stations will be able to stay open. I encourage drivers if in doubt to call ahead to check.

“These changes will come into effect immediately.”

The following applies to businesses operating a truck driver lounge, truck driver room or similar facility at a roadside service centre or service stations:

  • These facilities will be authorised to continue providing services to heavy vehicle drivers in need of food, showers, restrooms and a place to break from driving to manage their fatigue.
  • This exemption is subject to the service station, service centre, road house or similar facility implementing additional protocols provide appropriate social distancing and hygiene arrangements for these facilities. 
  • The facility will remain closed to all other patrons who are not part of the heavy vehicle supply chain.

The NHVR has implemented a number of recent changes to assist drivers during the coronavirus pandemic, including waiving amenity restriction on all curfew permits, extending the time limit drivers may use a supplementary work diary record and temporary changes to the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) medical and face-to-face audit requirements.

For the full list of protocols head to: Exemption for heavy vehicle drivers to safely manage fatigue

For more on the NHVR’s coronavirus response head to:NHVR coronavirus response


The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has announced the finalists for the 2020 National Trucking Industry Awards, recognising businesses and individuals who have gone above and beyond the requirements of their role to improve their workplace and the industry.

ALRTA congratulates all finalists and in particular ALRTA members Robert Cavanagh for being nominated for the Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Trucking Industry and David Rogers a finalist for the TruckSafe John Kelly Memorial Award.

To read about Robert, David and all the finalists click here.


Round seven of the Australian Government’s $508m Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program (HVSPP) is now open for applications. Eligible projects include:

  • Livestock transport industry proposals, provided such a facility is in a drought declared area and associated with a public road, and initiated and delivered by a local, state or territory government;
  • Livestock vehicle effluent collection and treatment facilities (provided such a facility is associated with a road and access is similar to that of a traditional rest area);
  • Proposals on the National Land Transport Network;
  • Rest Areas;
  • Parking/decoupling bays;
  • Technology trials;
  • Road enhancements;
  • Bridges, where they are a necessary component of the works and do not exceed 40 percent of the total project funding; and
  • Demonstration projects.

Only state/territory and local governments may apply. Private entities may however work with proponents to encourage/assist in preparing applications.
Applications must be submitted by 29 May 2020.
For more information click here.


The NHVR has announced an extension to the time limit drivers may use a supplementary work diary record, as part of its ongoing efforts to assist industry through the coronavirus pandemic.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said that from Wednesday April 1, drivers can use supplementary records for up to 30 driver business days, compared to the current seven day limit.

“Drivers who complete, lose or have their diary stolen or destroyed and can’t get an immediate replacement can use the Diary Daily Sheets for up to 30 days,” Mr Petroccitto said.

“Although there are plenty of Written Work Diaries available, we are taking proactive steps in case there is a reduction in the number of existing outlets in any state to purchase a new diary.

“We understand there are many current challenges facing drivers and want to ensure they can record their work and rest hours properly.”

Driver can use a supplementary work diary record when a diary is completed, lost, stolen or destroyed.

A supplementary record can be in any format, including copies of the Daily Sheet downloaded from the NHVR website or other written or electronic record.

Drivers are still required to notify the NHVR at within two days of becoming aware that your written work diary is completed, lost, stolen or destroyed.

Click here for a Supplementary Work Diary Daily Sheet.


To stay up-to-date & informed on COVID-19 download the new Australian Government coronavirus app for your phone. ‬

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TruckSafe has been recognised for its strong safety management culture and proactive approach to fleet safety, winning two national road safety awards. 

The Australian Road Safety Foundation has today announced the winners of its National Road Safety Awards, with TruckSafe winning the Corporate Fleet Safety Award and the Founders Award for Outstanding Achievement

“TruckSafe is an industry-led, business and risk management system improving the safety and professionalism of trucking operators nationwide. There is no other road transport accreditation scheme that is as comprehensive or robust,” TruckSafe Chair Ferdie Kroon said. 

“These awards are a fantastic acknowledgement of the quality of the TruckSafe accreditation program and the dedication of our TruckSafe members and supporters,” he said. 

The Corporate Fleet Safety Award recognised TruckSafe’s proactive approach to fleet safety and its demonstration of a holistic safety management approach, backed by professional development systems and a strong safety management culture. 

The Founders Award for Outstanding Achievement is a pinnacle award presented to a category winner for outstanding overall achievement. 

In today’s announcement, Founder and CEO of the Australian Road Safety Foundation Russell White said that TruckSafe is the only freight industry accreditation scheme that is not just technically and mechanically focused but also considers and addresses human safety factors. 

“The TruckSafe system uses a rigorous independent audit approach and utilises an independent expert panel to approve accreditation applications, audits and to regularly review the TruckSafe standards,” ATA Safety, Health and Wellbeing Director Melissa Weller said. 

“As a member of TruckSafe, you do not pick and choose what areas of accreditation you wish to

nominate for, as a business you take on the whole system. That is what makes TruckSafe such a strong system,” she said. 

Longstanding member Jim Pearson said his business, Jim Pearson Transport, has been a member of TruckSafe since its establishment in 1996 when the trucking industry united to develop the scheme and improve industry safety. 

“The TruckSafe accreditation standards are the basis of our whole quality system,” Mr Pearson said. 

“No accreditation scheme is as comprehensive as TruckSafe and I believe that any new or existing trucking business that is serious about running a safe and viable operation should be a member,” he said.

The awards also acknowledged the Deniliquin Driver Safety Program, which has been coordinated by Jenny Fellows of TruckSafe member Fellows Bulk Transport for many years, winning the Schools Program Award.

View the award announcement


Sal Petroccitto CEO NHVR has advised the NHVR Portal is continuing to provide a range of services for customers and road managers during these challenging times.

“The Portal is the place to manage all your business for Accreditation, Vehicle Standards, Registration services and Access Permits. It is also being used by road managers to assess permit applications.

During this time, please be patient when using these services as our staff, service providers or road managers may be impacted.

You can use the NHVR Portal to prepare, lodge and track your applications or requests, and there is an Information Request feature to ask questions or raise issues with us.

Like all businesses, the NHVR has planned for disruptions, but we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service during this difficult period.”


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