ALRTA News – 26 March 2021


ALRTA acknowledges our National Sponsors for sticking by us during these unprecedented times, we are forever grateful for their support.

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The ALRTA team would like to wish all of our members, sponsors and their families a very happy and safe Easter break.

As we all know, road fatalities are known to increase in the holiday periods often because people are rushing frantically from one place to the next or are fatigued or intoxicated when driving. Please take breaks and don’t drink and drive.

Bad weather and lots of traffic on the roads will cause delays, so expect a longer than usual journey and allow yourself plenty of time to arrive safely. Patience is always important on the roads, but is particularly important at this time of year.

Whatever you plan to do over the Easter break either away from home or on your couch watching Netflix or the footy, we hope that you have a happy and relaxing time and manage to spend as much of it as possible with your loved ones.

The ALRTA office will be closed on Good Friday 2 April and Easter Monday 5 April 2021.

There will be no ALRTA News next week on 2 April 2021.


A major rainfall event across NSW and QLD has caused severe flooding in parts of these states.  As floodwaters recede we can expect demand for emergency livestock or fodder movements.
The NHVR will prioritise permit processing for all emergency movements. If you need to arrange urgent road access, please contact:

  • NHVR Access Manager: Rochelle Mottlee – 0437 644 453.

If you wish to make other transport operators aware of emergency circumstances in your area please contact:

  • LBRCA: Bec Coleman – 0432 336 718
  • LRTAQ: Laney O’Neil – 0447 349 214
  • ALRTA: Mat Munro – 0421 082 489

Stay tuned to the NHVR website for further updates on emergency fatigue provisions and other disaster relief measures, such as heavy vehicle hotlines and the latest road closures.  Where possible operators should avoid travelling in impacted areas, but if it is necessary please be aware of local emergency access arrangements.


Have you ever been injured when loading or unloading livestock? How often do you experience a near miss?
The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) is conducting a National Survey about injuries to livestock loaders and unloaders and the incidence of injury reporting.
You can help us by answering 10 questions online.
The national survey builds on a previous Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Victoria (LRTAV) survey, which demonstrated some concerning statistics.  Your survey responses will help to establish national baseline data for a five year period. We will be able to repeat the survey in future to determine trends in safety and reporting levels.
The results of our survey may also influence facility owners to review safety, upgrade facilities or install new facilities to meet the recently published National Standard (AS 5340:2020) Livestock Loading Ramps and Forcing Pens
The survey will not ask for your personal name, business name or contact details.  All data is anonymous, confidential and will be aggregated for statistical purposes.
ALRTA encourages all members to participate in the survey via the link below by Monday 29 March 2021.


LRTAV President, David Rogers, and ALRTA Executive Director, Mat Munro, attended an event at the Kenworth Bayswater Plant in Melbourne to celebrate 50 years of manufacturing in Australia.  While we will provide full details of the event and milestone in our next newsletter, we couldn’t resist the opportunity this week to celebrate President Rogers’ 50th birthday also coming up on Monday.
Happy Birthday David from the ALRTA National Council and staff!
Ryan Hooper (Marketing Manager, PACCAR Australia), David Rogers (LRTAV President) and Mat Munro (ALRTA Executive Director) stand before the ‘Grey Ghost’ (the first model manufactured in Australia).


Australian Pork Limited has a project team working on African Swine Fever preparedness focused specifically on truck wash facilities and availability.
As you may already know ASF has killed half of the world’s pig population and while it is not in Australia it has spread throughout Europe and Asia and is now in PNG and East Timor.
The survey we are conducting asks for information on the truck wash facilities available to you when transporting pigs. This information will among other things help to inform industry and government investment in truck wash facilities.
The survey is confidential and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. It can be completed on-line or you can do the survey over the phone.
To complete the survey online click here.
To complete the survey over the phone contact Kate Webster (0439293556 or to arrange a time that suits you.


By Chris Sant, Senior Director, Indirect Tax at Ryan tax Services (reproduced from ATA Friday Facts)

The Victorian Government has kicked off the reform on how we pay for roads. A new charge is proposed for zero and low emission light vehicles, including light commercial vehicles.

Fuel excise effectively funds the construction and maintenance of our roads, with the Federal Government currently charging light vehicles 42.7 cents per litre (“cpl”) and heavy vehicles 25.8 cpl. This equates to a light vehicle paying approximately $4.20 per 100 kilometres and a heavy vehicle over $10.00 per 100 kilometres.

Electric and hydrogen vehicles do not pay these charges. Under the Victorian proposal, a new zero and low emission vehicle (ZLEV) charge will apply from 1 July 2021 to Victorian registered ZLEVs at a rate of:

  • 2.5 cents per kilometre on public roads or $2.50 per 100 kilometres for ZLEV that are electric vehicle or hydrogen vehicles; or 
  • 2 cents per kilometre on public roads or $2 per 100kms for ZLEV that are plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. 

The rate will be indexed in line with the Consumer Price Index and, critically, the new charges will not apply to heavy vehicles. A person who uses an ZLEV is required to be registered and submit ongoing returns to the Victorian Government. The move is seen by the Victorian Government as addressing the inequity in road funding contribution between ZLEVs and liquid fuel using vehicles, however, it has been met by fierce criticism by those looking for the Government to encourage use of ZLEVs.

This is the first step in an overhaul of Australia’s road tax scheme, which will could ultimately see the Federal Government removing fuel excise and implementing a broad based mass distance charge. With the Federal Government currently weighing up its options, the move by the Victorian Government is the first move to fill the revenue gap.  


ALRTA has accepted an invitation to give evidence before the Australian Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee on 28 April 2021. The Committee is inquiring into the importance of a viable, safe, sustainable and efficient road transport industry, with particular reference to:

  1. the importance of an enforceable minimum award rate and sustainable standards and conditions for all stakeholders in the road transport industry;
  2. the development and maintenance of road transport infrastructure to ensure a safe and efficient road transport industry;
  3. the regulatory impact, including the appropriateness, relevance and adequacy of the legislative framework, on all stakeholders in the road transport industry;
  4. the training and career pathways to support, develop and sustain the road transport industry;
  5. the social and economic impact of road-related injury, trauma and death;
  6. efficient cost-recovery measures for industry stakeholders, including subcontractors;
  7. the impact of new technologies and advancements in freight distribution, vehicle design, road safety and alternative fuels;
  8. the importance of establishing a formal consultative relationship between the road transport industry and all levels of government in Australia; and
  9. other related matters.

 ALRTA has previously tendered a comprehensive submission to the Inquiry which can be accessed here.


LRTAQ  invite you to join them as they mark their milestone 40th anniversary. Fittingly, they are headed back to where it all started – Roma – the location of the very first meeting of the then LTAQ back in 1981.

For many members and supporters, the LRTAQ Annual Conference is an opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues and build new and lasting business relationships.

Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend the conference and there is a Partner Tour on the Friday. 

For more information and to register


ALRTA is a member of the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA). In total, COSBOA represents 1.2 million small businesses and together they represent the broader Australian society and community.
The last twelve months, and prior, has been a special and difficult time. Much of this has been and continues to be documented and will remain part of history. COVID-19 presented enormous challenges to government and business alike. Government decisions had to be made quickly to protect public health and these decisions had profound implications for people, communities, economies at all levels, and businesses of all sizes.
COSBOA has surveyed its membership to ascertain the lessons that have been learnt and what can be done to better address similar crises in future.  ALRTA participated in the research and has been quoted extensively in the COSBOA report.
Read what small businesses had to say here.


Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds have partnered with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator in its aim to improve psychological safety and physical health in the industry.

The NHVR is set to contribute $150,000 over the next three years to progress key initiatives and raising awareness of the support services that are available to everyone in the industry. 


Members are advised that the next meeting of the ALRTA National Council will be held via technology on Friday, 23 April 2021.
Formal advice with RSVP details will be sent to member secretariats. A hyperlink will be sent to participants prior to the meeting.



LRTAQ Conference – Roma QLD – 9-11 April 2021 – Registration Information
Brisbane Truck Show 13-16 May 2021 – ALRTA will have a booth
LRTASA Conference – Adelaide SA – 18-19 June 2021
LRTAV Conference – Bendigo VIC – 20-21 August 2021