ALRTA News – 15 May 2021


As a proud national sponsor of the ALRTA, Goodyear is pleased to offer special buying prices to ALRTA members.

ALRTA Members are entitled to a 10% discount off regular cash prices on commercial tyres at participating Beaurepaires stores.

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The ALRTA team, supported by our state member associations, has been exhibiting at the Brisbane Truck Show 2021 this week. Our booth has been very popular with dozens of passers by stopping for a chat about what our associations are doing to improve safety, viability and sustainability in rural road transport.   

The event is also a great opportunity to catch up with our national and state sponsors, plus a few wandering politicians and industry leaders who stopped in for a yarn.  If you have never been to the Brisbane Truck Show you really ought to put it on your bucket list.  The whole of Brisbane Southbank is ‘truck themed’ with prime movers and trailers on display across the area and ancillary events held around the main conference centre.

Byrne Trailers on display. 

Our thanks to all of those who came to help out on our booth and those who just popped to in discuss industry issues. 

 Assistant Minister Scott Buchholz engages with ALRTA’s Colleen Mays.

Senator Susan McDonald promotes the National Ramp Standard.

ALRTA Executive Director, Mat Munro, LRTAV President, David Rogers & LRTAQ President, Gerard Johnson.

NHVR and BP visit the ALRTA booth. 

ATA Chair David Smith and Erika Laurente (centre). 


What if ALRTA members publicly acknowledged facility owners who already own, or have installed or retrofitted improvements to their loading ramps and forcing yards? Might that encourage others to do the same?

If you use a loading ramp that meets the Australian Standard for Livestock loading/unloading ramps and forcing pens (AS 5340:2020), please take a picture and ask permission for it to be used on the ALRTA Facebook page to give a shout out to the facility owner for contributing positively to safety, animal welfare and productivity!
Please send your contributions to


A game-changing industry resource has been unveiled this week, the product of a strong collaboration between PACCAR Australia and the ATA.
Photo: ATA CEO Andrew McKeller, ATA Chair David Smith, Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds CEO Naomi Frauenfelder and PACCAR Australia Managing Director Andrew Hadjikakou unveil the new industry resource vehicle

The first of its kind in Australia, the custom-built vehicle is a multi-purpose resource that will connect, educate, support, and promote the trucking industry. Designed as a flexible and agile asset, the vehicle is available for organisations and associations to utilise in support of industry initiatives. 

The DAF LF260 was custom-built at the Brimarco factory in Ballarat and features a flexible work, meeting, and media space, as well as audio-visual capabilities for external presentations, all powered by a Cummins generator. 

PACCAR and the ATA were excited to announce that one of the first organisations to utilise the vehicle is the not-for-profit industry foundation Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds. 

“Under this exciting partnership, Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds together with OzHelp’s driver wellbeing program Health in Gear will use the vehicle to deliver free ‘Truckie Tune Ups’ at the Brisbane Truck Show this week, ahead of a wider industry program that will roll out soon,” Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds CEO Naomi Frauenfelder said.  

Mr Hadjikakou said the opportunities for the vehicle were endless. 

“Our partnership with Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds and OzHelp’s Health in Gear program is just one of the many ways this vehicle can service our industry,” he said.  

“We are thrilled to unveil this unique and innovative vehicle and look forward to seeing what can be achieved through its activities in years to come,” he said. 


In a special announcement at the Brisbane Truck Show, the Australian Trucking Association and Teletrac Navman welcomed the 2021 Driving Change Diversity Program champions, who come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, from truck driving and operation management through to training and administration. 

“The trucking industry plays a crucial role in the lives of all Australians, but it has its challenges. There is a strong need for more drivers and skilled workers in all areas,” ATA Chair David Smith said. 

“Diversity plays a big role in creating positive workplaces and is proven to develop more inclusive environments, increase productivity and give employers access to a greater range of talent. 

“This program is our way of addressing this issue and broadening the industry talent pool. We are driving change to ensure our industry has the tools to foster inclusive and welcoming environments for people from all backgrounds and expertise,” he said. 

The inaugural 2020 program saw an overwhelming amount of support from businesses and industry members, demonstrating an understanding of the importance of celebrating and embracing diversity. 

The 2021 Driving Change Diversity Program will showcase its champions through a social media storytelling series, highlighting the diverse and varied opportunities on offer in the Australian trucking industry. 

Champions will then be hosted at the ATA’s Trucking Australia conference in September for an intensive workshop where they will learn how to create change and facilitate diversity in their workplace and community, share personal insights, and develop clear action items on how to drive change within industry. 

“As a proud leader of diversity and inclusion in industry, we’re thrilled to welcome our 2021 diversity champions,” Teletrac Navman Director of Marketing Australasia, Megan Duncan, said. 

“While they may not realise it, these champions are already making a big difference in their workplace and communities, shining a light on the amazing opportunities the industry has to offer. The program is about coming together to share our connections and challenges, start a conversation and learn how we can drive change,” she said. 

ALRTA Diversity Champion: Sarah-Jane Collins:
By participating in the 2021 Driving Change Diversity Program, Sarah-Jane Collins hopes to demonstrate to women and mothers that they can achieve anything when given the opportunity, and to raise awareness of the value that unique and diverse individuals bring to the workforce. 

Heavy Vehicle driver at Divall’s Earthmoving and Bulk Haulage in Goulburn, NSW, Sarah became involved in the transport industry after completing the company’s Women Behind the Wheel program in 2018. Sarah has become well respected among the Divall’s team for her dedication and commitment to her role during her recent pregnancy while caring for her young daughter by herself.  

Sarah believes the opportunities in industry for people of diverse backgrounds are unlimited. She is keen to see more young people join the workforce and showcase the industry as something bigger than ‘just steering a vehicle.’  Sarah’s vision for the trucking industry is to see employers offer support for working mums and create pathways for those who may not have considered a career in trucking or been aware of its many varied roles. 


The NHVR has approved Quallogi by Kynection as a fifth Electronic Work Diary (EWD) option for heavy vehicle drivers.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the Quallogi EWD would be available for use as an official record for heavy vehicle driver work and rest hours from May 25.

“Drivers have been switching over to using an Electronic Work Diary since we approved the first system in December last year and it’s great to see Quallogi is also available as an alternative to the National Written Work Diary,” Mr Petroccitto said.

“The introduction of EWDs means drivers can record their work and rest hours by pressing a button, rather than spending time ruling lines and counting multiple time periods on multiple pieces of paper.

“The Quallogi includes features, such as alerts, to assist drivers to manage their compliance with work and rest rules.” 

The Quallogi system is available on selected devices, which are outlined on the NHVR website.

Mr Petroccitto signed the Kynection EWD certificate while visiting the Brisbane Truck Show, which runs until Sunday, May 16.

It’s important that drivers check the NHVR website to ensure they’re using an EWD approved by the NHVR.

Drivers must continue to carry their written work diary for a transition period, to ensure that they comply with the requirement of carrying 28 days of records.

Any issues with EWDs may be reported to the NHVR by phone or using a website form at

To stay up to date with approved EWDs and their conditions of use visit


The 2021-22 Budget was released this week. The attached fact sheet cuts through the spin and sets out the some of the key measures that could affect your business.
ALRTA is able to send this fact sheet through to you because of our membership of the Australian Trucking Association.

Access the Fact Sheet here or click on the image below.


Tickets for Jolene remain on sale online and at the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show until the winner is announced at the show at 2:30pm on Sunday 16 May

The 1946 Jailbar truck will be located outside the glass doors at the Plaza Bar, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre for the duration of the show. 

Restored by Australia’s leading transport and logistics specialist insurer, NTI, to raise much-needed funds for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) research.


Reminder the NHVR National Roadworthiness Survey is underway, this is a health check of Australia’s heavy vehicle fleet. The survey will be conducted between May and July 2021.

We ask all drivers and operators to be polite and cooperative if you stopped for an inspection. If you experience any problems, please contact the ALRTA Secretariat or your state association for assistance.

More information and a Daily Safety Check Guide can be found on the NHVR website.


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LRTASA Conference – Adelaide SA – 18-19 June 2021 – Register Here
LRTAQ Conference – Roma QLD – 16-17 July 2021 – Register Here
LRTAV Conference – Bendigo VIC – 20-21 August 2021
LTAT/National Combined Conference – Hobart TAS – 22-23 October 2021