ALRTA News – 21 May 2021


As regional Australia’s fuel and lubricants delivery specialists, Lowes Petroleum Service is offering ALRTA members great deals on delivery of bulk fuels and lubricants to your business or farm. Your local Lowes sales manager can create packages tailored to your needs. Our offerings are for ALRTA members, large or small, with tailored solutions including bulk deliveries and tank storage solutions at your primary site. We also provide fuel card benefits with our Australia-wide network of around 1400 service stations and $0 monthly fees for your fleet as they move through other districts.

A Lowes bp+ fuel card also provides everyday discounts, hassle free statements – ready for BAS – and of course access to the bp plus app. The bp+ app allows you to manage your fleet from your phone. Your fleet admin manager is able to add or delete cards in real time and allows drivers to have contactless free payment options for short or long periods, it’s up to you.

The Lowes bp+ fuel card provides ideal tools for your company to save time and reduce risk during COVID lockdown periods.

We have also updated the Lowes bp+ card offer with Blue Ribbon card discounts at Lowes owned sites. With an additional level of discounts, you can now choose from Blue Ribbon, Gold Diesel and Green Selected Sites. This ensures ALRTA Members get maximum benefits from our association between the two organisations.
The three levels of card discounts have been colour coded to link to the bp network page on the Lowes website for easy ALRTA Member reference.  

Get in touch with your local Lowes Sales Manager.


LRTAQ President, Gerard Johnson, and ALRTA Executive Director, Mat Munro, discussed proposed changes to primary producer registration with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main (TMR) Roads. TMR has proposed broadening the current scheme to allow sharing of concessionally registered vehicles with any other primary producer for the purposes of primary production.
While LRTAQ and ALRTA appreciate that there may be a need to consider ownership and use of concessionally registered vehicles in the context of contemporary agricultural business structures, we believe that the current proposal would essentially allow farmers to undertake commercial work for any other farmer.  In our view, this outcome would undermine the original policy intent of the concession scheme to provide financial relief for primary producers who operate only infrequently on public roads to carry their own produce.
Adoption of the TMR proposal would set a dangerous precedent and establish an even more unfair and unenforceable concessional scheme. Our associations will be making further representations on this matter.


Chair of the ALRTA Driver and Animal Welfare Committee, Grahame Hoare, and ALRTA Executive Director, Mat Munro, met TEYS this week to discuss strategies for establishing effluent disposal options in SE Queensland.  We will be supplying a briefing paper to the upcoming Queensland Beef Roundtable attended by Queensland Minister for Agriculture, the Hon Mark Furner.
Next week, LBRCA and ALRTA will discuss options with NSW Roads and Maritime Services and Forbes Shire Council.  This important matter will also be discussed in the upcoming Central West NSW Heavy Vehicle Forum in Forbes on 23 June 2021.
Meanwhile the ALRTA funded disposal site at the Horsham Saleyards in Victoria continues to operate successfully and a new site at Mt Gambier Saleyards is under construction.


Sue Davies, ALRTA Project Officer attended the CropLife Agricultural Industry Federal Budget Breakfast. The Hon David Littleproud MP, Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management, delivered a speech summarising the government’s goals for the agriculture sector and the investments in agriculture to be delivered in the 2021-22 Budget.

The biggest spend will be in biosecurity, with $414.5 million in new funding to safeguard Australia from exotic pests and diseases. Minister Littleproud talked about the importance of using technology to scan imports and to better identify and manage known and emerging threats like African Swine Fever.
Soils and stewardship funding of $228.9 million will support farmers to look after and improve native vegetation, biodiversity and soil condition, with advice provided by scientific experts. The Australian Farm Biosecurity Certification Scheme will see farmers rewarded for protecting biodiversity.
Innovation was another focus of the budget ($34.8 million) with the government supporting innovation hubs, preventing duplicated research and promoting collaboration and commercialisation. Investing in people, or ‘human capital’, is also a priority ($68.1 million), with a focus on shifting perceptions of modern agriculture and encouraging young people to ‘come back’ and pursue career opportunities in the sector.
Minister Littleproud also talked about supporting trade by growing agricultural exports and diversifying international markets ($96.7 million).


The Australian Government’s fuel security announcement is a win for the trucking industry, CEO of the ATA, Andrew McKellar said. 

Welcoming today’s announcement, Mr McKellar said the package was the result of a long term, strategic advocacy campaign by the ATA on behalf of its members. 

“Diesel and liquid fuel security are critical to Australia’s economy – 98 per cent of the energy for the transport sector is sourced from liquid fuel,” Mr McKellar said.  

“But Australia has dangerously low fuel stocks. In March 2021, Australia only had 21 days of diesel in the entire country,” he said. 

The Government’s overall fuel security package includes support for domestic refineries (with the details announced today), onshore fuel storage and modernising the liquid fuel emergency legislation. 

“The ATA and its members have been campaigning on fuel security since 2014. We ran a fuel security exercise in 2015 and have engaged extensively with government since then,” Mr McKellar said. 

Mr McKellar said the package would be funded by the Government, not by a fuel security levy on road users. 

“This is a big win for every road user. With the strong support of our members, we argued that there shouldn’t be a fuel levy to fund the package, because we all depend on the secure availability of fuel,” he said.  

Mr McKellar said in the long term, Australia’s fuel security would be secured by the introduction of electric and hydrogen vehicles.  

“This will be a long process, so the Government should take stronger action now to encourage the introduction of zero and low emission vehicles into the fleet,” he said.  

“This should include a temporary purchase incentive, support for recharging and refuelling infrastructure and amending the vehicle design rules.”  


Members are advised that from 1 April 2021, the blood-alcohol limit for drivers of all vehicles over 4.5 tonne GVM dropped to zero. Previously, the zero limit applied only to vehicles over 15 tonnes GVM.

VicRoads has published an online resource to assist in developing drug and alcohol polices.


The NHVR has filed primary duty charges against the Directors of a Queensland mining company which was operating as a prime contractor of drivers of heavy vehicle combinations.  The NHVR initiated an investigation following a fatality that occurred in May 2019 involving a heavy vehicle rolling on an incline.

The NHVR will allege that the Directors failed to exercise due diligence to ensure the company fulfilled its duty under section 26C of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), with the matter listed for a first mention in the Biloela Magistrates’ Court on 30 June 2021.

The NHVR has also accepted an Enforceable Undertaking (on behalf of Transport for New South Wales) from YF Water Services Pty Ltd, in line with section 590A of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).  YF Waste proposed the Enforceable Undertaking following failure to comply with mass weight requirements.  The proposal consists of enhanced driver education and training, with an aim of leading to improved compliance in the future.  The Enforceable Undertaking has a minimum expenditure of $18,000.


The National Transport Commission (NTC) wants to understand commercial drivers awareness of their obligations regarding the control of a vehicle.  The survey findings will be used to help educate commercial and non-commercial drivers about proper control of a vehicle.  The NTC has contracted Bartley Consulting to conduct the survey.  
The survey is anonymous. NTC and Bartley Consulting abide by the Australian Privacy Principles. Only aggregated data will be reported. The report is due to be finalised by July and published on the NTC website later this year.
Please click on the link below to take the survey which should take you less than 10 minutes to complete.
The survey will be open until 4 June 2021.


NTI’s Adam Gibson always likes telling people that his job at the industry’s number one insurer makes him the luckiest bloke in transport.

As one of the industry’s most high-profile stakeholders, NTI has its fingers in a lot of industry pies, more often than not with Gibson, its passionate Transport and Logistics Risk Engineer, on the conference or webinar mic sharing its latest data and research.

NTI is known throughout the transport industry for its work in addressing the issues shown in its data with associations, government and regulators.

However, Gibson tells Big Rigs that with the 10th edition of the Major Accident Investigation Report – due out in the second week of June – NTI is excited to expand the scope of how it shares its research and data by providing a range of multimedia resources aimed at operations managers and drivers. Read article in Big Rigs.


Every year, approximately 1200 people are killed and numerous people are seriously injured on Australian roads. Traffic injury is the biggest killer of Australian children under 15 and the second-biggest killer of all Australians aged between 15 and 24. These numbers are growing every year but are preventable if we choose to Drive So Others Survive!. Read More 

Take the pledge to keep yourself and others safe on our roads. Always drive under the speed limit, never drive while distracted, tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and remember to always look out for vulnerable road users. 


Based on legendary Kenworth models from the past, the third in the series of special edition Kenworths, the Legend SAR, was unveiled at the Brisbane Truck Show.

Following the outstanding response to the Legend 950 in 2015 and the Legend 900 in 2017, the timing of the much-anticipated debut of the Legend SAR is aligned with Kenworth celebrating 50 years of manufacturing trucks in Australia. The 50th Anniversary Edition Legend SAR is in a league of its own, combining the latest technology for safer, cleaner and more productive operation, with features that embrace Kenworth’s unique heritage.
The Legend SAR is modelled on the iconic W900SAR, built and sold in Australia from 1975 until 1985 and the first Kenworth model designed, engineered and built in Australia specifically for Australian operating requirements. With its sloping bonnet and raised cab position allowing for the first use of under cab battery and toolboxes, the W900SAR (SAR standing for ‘Short-bonnet Australian Right-hand drive’) was an iconic fusion of the W900AR and S2 models. Importantly, it could take the high horsepower engines favoured by Australian transport operators and still carry the maximum legal payload within existing length limits and was lighter than the AR and Kenworth’s cab-over model of the day, the K100.
Built to honour the character of the first all-Australian Kenworth truck, the Legend SAR represents the iconic appeal of the much-loved W900SAR. While more than 45 years have passed since it first went into production and other SAR models have ensued, the allure of the original ‘SAR’ still remains and is reignited with the release of the third in the series of Legends, the Legend SAR.
Brad May, Director Sales and Marketing at PACCAR Australia said, “The truck not only commemorates 50 years of proudly manufacturing Kenworth trucks in Australia, it symbolises what was a turning point for local design and engineering and the custom-build philosophy that Kenworth is still renowned for today.
“In addition to recognising our long heritage in this country, the Legend SAR pays homage to all those that have stood, and stand today, behind the badge of a Kenworth truck. The ones that have helped make Australian-made Kenworths an integral part of the unique Australian landscape.”
Appropriately named “Son of Nugget” as tribute to the iconic W-Series limited edition “Gold Nugget” released in 1984, the Legend SAR will be on display at the Brisbane Truck Show from Thursday 13 May – Sunday 16 May.
The Legend SAR includes a full suite of heritage style limited edition features that celebrate our journey in Australia’s Road Transport Industry.
These features include:

  • Flat windscreen B-series cab providing extra headroom and seat travel, delivering greater levels of comfort for the driver than the original SAR.
  • Traditional doors and door handles complete with airlift windows.
  • 36” and 50” sleeper cabs are available in both an Aero 1 and flat roof design.  A dovetail air deflector atop the sleeper is available with the Aero 1. 
  • Two-piece (split) windscreen with chrome trim, topped off with bullet-style cab marker lights and dual round air horns.
  • The hood is adorned with heritage Kenworth and Cummins badges with an anniversary edition red and gold traditional italic Kenworth bug, which proudly sits atop the authentically reproduced and iconic SAR grille.
  • Round 4” front turn signals on the crown of the wheel arch reminiscent of the original SARs.
  • Side-mounted exhausts include a wraparound cover, just like the old SARs, with exposed chrome elbows and 7” curved pipes to give the truck a commanding presence.
  • The interior of the Legend SAR has a premium feel and features diamond pleat trim with ‘Legend SAR 50th Anniversary Edition’ embossed into the rear wall and door trims and a wooden plaque on the glove box lid to identify the unique build number of each truck.
  • Stainless scuff plates adorned with the Legend SAR logo on door openings.
  • A traditional Kenworth bug and Legend SAR logo embroidered into the leather seats.
  • The gear lever of the manual transmission topped with a wooden gear knob featuring the original Eaton Fuller logo and a stainless steel Legend SAR surround fitted around the sock. 
  • A traditional flat dash layout houses a full suite of handmade heritage style chrome-bezelled and white-faced gauges, featuring the traditional Kenworth bug, toggle switches with backlit graphics and a four-spoke leather steering wheel. 
  • On the body of the truck, traditional extruded aluminium tank steps run alongside round fuel tanks, stainless rear guards and tail light bars are standard, as are black rubber mudflaps adorned with the traditional Kenworth bug.
  • Under the hood is a Cummins X15 engine, specially painted in beige to commemorate Cummins’ heritage.



LRTASA Conference – Adelaide SA – 18-19 June 2021 – Register Here
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