ALRTA News – 17 June 2022


As a proud National Partner of the ALRTA, Goodyear is pleased to offer special buying prices to ALRTA members.

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ALRTA has appeared before a hearing of the QLD State Development and Regional Industries Committee to argue the case for recognition of the Australian Ramp Standard (AS 5340:2020) within QLD animal welfare laws.
The Committee is conducting an inquiry into the Animal Care and Protection Amendment Bill 2022 (Qld).
ALRTA was represented by Graeme Hoare (LRTAQ Rep and Chair of the ALRTA Driver and Animal Welfare Committee) and Mat Munro (ALRTA Executive Director).  As per our earlier submission, ALRTA recommended that:

  • references to livestock loading ramps or forcing yards be replaced by, or complemented with, a reference to the Australian Ramp Standard; and
  • inspectors be empowered to give animal welfare directions to a person for non-compliance with a compulsory code requirement, including failure to conform with the standard.

Graeme Hoare said that a reference to the Australian Ramp Standard would be an important step in modernising Queensland animal welfare laws.
“Road transport is a necessary part of the livestock production chain. Most livestock are moved several times between production, selling and processing facilities,” said Mr Hoare.
“The process of loading and unloading can be a stressful time for animals and handlers that can also result in injury or death via slips, trips, falls, crushing, striking and laceration. One of the key risk factors is the equipment used – specifically, the livestock loading and unloading ramp.
“ALRTA has worked with Standards Australia and the entire livestock supply chain to develop a performance based Australian Ramp Standard that is modern, safe and able to be implemented in all enterprises, large or small.
“Given that QLD compulsory codes already require ‘persons in charge’ of livestock to provide appropriate loading and unloading ramp facilities, referencing the Australian Standard would not establish a new legal duty or a new cost.  It would simply explain to all parties how they can meet the legal duties that are in place.
“Modernising Queensland animal welfare laws to reflect the Australian Ramp Standard would enhance safety and welfare for Queensland’s livestock and for Queensland’s people,” he said.
Interested members can watch ALRTA make our case on QLD parliament TV. Click on the image below, select ‘SDRIC – Public Hearing – 14 June 2022’ and watch from the 5min mark, with some interesting Q&A also taking place at the 38min mark.

You can watch ALRTA here from about the 5min 30sec mark:
There is also some Q&A around the 38min mark.


The Australian Fair Work Commission has increased award minimum wages by 4.6%, or around $40 per week based on a 38-hour week full-time employee.
This means minimum award wages:

  • above $869.60 per week, will get a 4.6% increase
  • below $869.60 per week, will get a $40 increase. 

The increases will affect transport awards and will apply from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2022.
Members are also reminded that the super guarantee rate will lift from 10% to 10.5% from 1 July 2022.


ALRTA has met with CSIRO and the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications to discuss options for assisting rural carriers to better understand their costs and generally improve financial literacy.

With costs rising charply in recent months, now is the time for members to re-think their costing models. 
Over recent years, CSIRO has progressively developed the Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TraNSIT).  The tool brings together data to provide the most detailed map of routes and costings, directly informing over $15 billion of infrastructure – including the $100m Northern Australian Beef Roads Program.
Back-end algorithms underpinning the TraNSIT tool include highly developed and well-tested costing models. We are now exploring the possibility of extracting this excellent work to establish a user-friendly online costing model that individual operators could use to work out their own running costs, allowing for important factors such as driver wages, replacing trucks and trailers, maintenance, tyres and fuel use.

It is early days, but the existing TraNSIT Model and expertise of CSIRO personnel offers an opportunity to do more than simply inform government investment decisions – with a little tweaking and further development it could also inform your business decisions too.  Watch this space!


Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) is a serious disease of cattle and water buffalo. It has never occurred in Australia but is an emerging threat as it continues to spread through Asia. In January 2022 LSD was detected in cattle on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

LSD is spread by airborne vectors such as biting insects, which makes it difficult to control during an outbreak. The disease would have significant and far-reaching impacts on all livestock related supply chain industries should there be an incursion in Australia. 

Industries and governments are currently conducting a major revision of the AUSVETPLAN response strategy for LSD, which they hope to complete in the next couple of months.

ALRTA’s ATA representative Athol Carter (Frasers Transport) participated in a domestic containment strategy meeting this week along with Red Meat Advisory Council, Animal Health Australia, Cattle Council of Australia (with representatives from across Australia, including NT), Dairy Australia, Australian Meat Industry Council and LiveCorp, and other experts (including arbovirus experts).

Useful information on LSD is available on the Animal Health Australia website, and the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment website.

Lumpy Skin Disease in cattle overseas (DAWE)


ALRTA President (Scott McDonald) and ALRTA Executive Director (Mat Munro) will attend the LRTASA 36th Annual Conference at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre this weekend.
Look out for a conference wrap up next week.


Byrne Trailers is recognised as the leading manufacturer of specialised Livestock and Bulk Cargo Transport Equipment in Australia.

Laurence Michael (Mick) and Teri Byrne founded Byrne Trailers in 1974.

Extensive manufacturing facilities were established in Wagga Wagga in 1988 with expansion to Queensland in 1993 with the setting up of a manufacturing and service depot in Toowoomba.


To purchase a Byrne hat, visit their newly launched online Merchandise Store

ALRTA are proud to have Byrne Trailers as a National Partner.


Men’s Health Week is held in mid-June each year, with this year’s theme being building healthy environments for men and boys in the home, workplace and in social settings.

Men in Australia experience unique health challenges, including high rates of chronic conditions like lung cancer and heart disease.
This Men’s Health Week check in with your GP or preferred health professional to ensure you’re up to date with your essential screening tests and taking care of your physical health.
To help care for your mental health you can find resources online at
and resources for employers at: 

Men’s Health Week is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of men and boys.


More than one million dollars has been raised for Motor Neurone Disease research through unique truck raffles, with the latest, an “Expedition Truck” already bringing in more than $200,000, weeks out from the prize being drawn.

The vehicle is the fifth to be raffled by Australia’s largest transport and logistics specialist insurer, NTI, with funds provided to the MND and Me Foundation for research at The University of Queensland. NTI had now raised more than one million dollars over the past five years.
MND and Me Foundation CEO Jane Milne said studies were vital as little was known about the disease.



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